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Foxconn Withdraws $19.5 Billion from Vedanta - Asiana Times

Foxconn, the Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giant, has withdrawn from a $19 billion joint venture with Indian mining conglomerate Vedanta to establish a semiconductor and display production plant in India.


U.S. officials have applied the Foreign Direct Product Rule to China’s sophisticated computing and supercomputer industries in an effort to prevent the country from importing cutting-edge computer processors.

Innovation in India's Semiconductor Industry

Global semiconductor shortage threatens the semiconductor industry. The shortfall has lasted almost a year with no end in sight. U.S.-China tensions over Taiwan and Russia-Ukraine supply chain obstructions have worsened the issue. Multiple industries use semiconductor chips. The shortfall will affect global manufacturing and the economy. IMF’s prognosis of global downturn is noteworthy. The chip crisis could worsen the slowdown