Any topic you can think of has a proponent, somewhere in the globe, who is happy to talk at length into a microphone about it. In fact, podcasts have spawned entire media conglomerates. This level of cultural permeation was formerly reserved for movies and TV programs, and now there are entire TV episodes that use podcasts as both a narrative point and a joke. (We recognize only murders in the building.) It’s a remarkable shift, considering that only the most tech-savvy internet enthusiasts were aware of podcasts a little over a decade ago. Perhaps your mother is making one for you in your old bedroom even as you read this.

With so many podcasts available, it may be challenging to determine which ones are the best. We’re here to reduce the level of static, so you don’t have to worry. For the year 2022, we’ve compiled a list of the top podcasts available online right now. The best instances of true crime, popular culture, current events, and narrative fiction are here. Just pop them in your ears. It’s a decision you won’t come to regret.


1. The Daily- for when you want to stay informed

Each 20-minute episode, hosted by New York Times reporter Michael Barbaro, digs deeper into news topics to get to the bottom of things and reveal the truth. Looking for an update on the current state of the property market? Are you wondering how Apple can access your phone’s files? This podcast sets out to inform its audience and does so through in-depth reporting that will undoubtedly answer all of your concerns and raise more you hadn’t considered.

2. Sustainababble- to learn something new

The events of the last several years have shown us the importance of addressing climate change and doing our part to protect the planet. Sustainababble is the best, digestible podcast to stay informed on how to be the most environmentally beneficial in our day-to-day lives; it combines humor with a breakdown on how to practice sustainability. You’ll feel like you’re studying alongside Ol and Dave as they explain why the science behind climate change and sustainable living is so complicated.

3. Womannica- women in history

Womannica attempts to address a question that many of us may have had in our history classes: Where were the women? A deeper look at the lives and important accomplishments of women throughout history is provided in each episode of this podcast, giving you more than the surface-level story of Betsy Ross we all heard in high school. A lot of women who have led or played prominent roles in science, politics, or the arts have just recently begun to receive the credit they deserve. The best part? It just takes five minutes to learn about a new inspiring woman.

4. Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

If you want your mysteries to be on the creepier side, these cold cases could be just what you’re searching for as you consider the evidence. Crime scenes, investigations, and hypotheses behind a cold case are told by a narrator and ensemble in a style reminiscent of radio shows from the 1950s. If you’re not like being afraid, don’t listen to this podcast at night.

5. Side Hustle Pro- bring out your inner entrepreneur

The first podcast of its kind, Side Hustle Pro features interviews with successful Black women business owners every few episodes. I don’t think it gets much more inspiring than that. Even though this podcast is aimed at women who have already launched their own businesses, listening to it is a fantastic opportunity to express solidarity with other women and perhaps pick up useful information like how to go ahead in an honest way or how to completely reinvent oneself.

6. The Bechdel Cast- the podcast to geek out

I’ve discovered the perfect podcast for all you cinephiles out there. The Bechdel Cast is a podcast that analyses and discusses how women are portrayed in today’s most popular media and pop culture from a feminist perspective. It examines the values and concepts of films like Hustlers, Crazy, Stupid Love, and more to comment on sexism through the dress and style of female actresses. Episodes typically go for two hours or more, so if you’re looking for something to do and could use some film-related conversation, this is it.

Rupal Rao

Fashion and Culture writer at Asiana Times.


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