The Allahabad High Court’s Lucknow bench notes traffic bottlenecks caused by encroachment on railway station road 


The Allahabad High Court has taken note of the issue of traffic congestion caused by encroachment on both sides of the road from Nattha Tiraha to Durgapuri, which is near to the Charbagh railway station. 

The District Magistrate of Lucknow granted an application in this regard, and a team of officials was created to conduct an inspection. 

This decision was made by a Division Bench comprised of Justice Devendra Kumar Upadhya and Justice Subhash Vidyarthi while hearing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) submitted by R.C. Pathak Advocate (In Person) at The Allahabad High Court.

The Court observed that near Charbagh Railway Station there is a road issuing from a trisection of roads known as Nattha Tiraha that connects to Alambagh, and that there are some permanent and temporary encroachments on both sides of the road from Nattha Tiraha to Durgapuri. 

The writ petition specifically claims that as a result of the aforementioned encroachments, exceptionally huge traffic jams occur on a daily basis, causing substantial discomfort to commuters. 

Furthermore, the petition claims that as a result of both permanent and temporary encroachments, the width of the road that is accessible for practical use is reduced, resulting in a range of concerns. 

It has also been noticed that everyday foot traffic on the road has increased as a consequence of the Metro Rail Station being built above the road and the Metro Rail Station itself; nevertheless, owing to the encroachments, pedestrians and other commuters find it hard to even cross the road. 

According to the judgement of the court, 

According to our understanding, the removal of encroachment is essentially the responsibility of the local authority, i.e., the Lucknow Nagar Nigam. When it comes to traffic management, the district traffic police must implement the required and appropriate procedures to guarantee that traffic flows smoothly across the city. 

In light of the foregoing, we request that the District Magistrate of Lucknow convene a meeting of all the authorities involved, including the Superintendent of Police (Traffic), Lucknow, the Nagar Ayukt of Lucknow, the concerned Engineer of the Public Works Department (if the PWD is responsible for the maintenance of the road in question), the appropriate Level Officer of the Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation, and the appropriate Level Officer of the Uttar Pradesh State Roa 

People living in the area can expect this Committee to organize a joint spot inspection by a team of officers and to take appropriate measures to remove encroachment from their property and to ensure smooth traffic flow, allowing them to avoid traffic jams that occur almost continuously throughout the day.

That committee will make appropriate decisions in this regard, as well as design a time-bound action plan that will be implemented in line with its recommendations. 

The District Magistrate of Lucknow was asked by the Court to ensure that the action plan created by the Committee is carried out in a timely manner. 

Standing Counsel is compelled to submit this ruling to the District Magistrate of Lucknow, who will thereafter forward it to all parties concerned, as previously mentioned.” 

Akhilesh Kumar Srivastava, UPSRTC’s Standing Counsel, will deliver the order to the Corporation’s Managing Director. According to the judgement, “Standing Counsel for the various parties are also expected to transmit this order to the authorities engaged in their respective departments/organizations,” as well as the parties themselves. 

As a result, the petition was dismissed by the Court of Appeal. 

Edited by – Vanshika Sahu

Published by – Mohd Faizan

Tharun Pranav
Tharun Pranav
Tharun Pranav is a Law student in the School of Law, Christ University. He is an Extrovert and a Pensive person in nature. One of his strengths is Sarcasm. He also has a passion for Space, Economics and Sports. You can find him online on Instagram or LinkedIn.


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