The evolution and importance of fashion and lifestyle


Fashion and lifestyle go hand in hand when it comes to an individual’s expression of oneself. It also is proof of their sense and taste in dressing up. To an extent, it also depicts the thought process of people and the way of living their lives. To sum it up, it can be said that fashion defines the expression of an individual.

Fashion and lifestyle also add color and something newly designed to our lives and have their importance when it comes to living in a community surrounded by all kinds of people.

Importance of fashion and lifestyle

As per society norms, a person wearing oversized garments is not considered as well dressed. Our dressing sense speaks volumes about the status of our family and standard of living and we socialize with like-minded people usually. In other words, we can say, our fashion quotient defines our lifestyle and vice versa.

Evolution of fashion

Looking back at the Early Man images, we understand that men used to cover themselves with the leaves of trees and animal skins. Men’s attire has undergone a sea change from wearing animal skin to wearing a formal suit in modern times.

Earlier Man used to cover himself for protection from heat, rain, sun, and cold. But soon the way of dressing evolved and its purpose also changed totally. Today clothes are worn in a totally different manner and make a fashion statement about a person.

Lifestyle influences us for the better

Improved standard of general living has been benefitting us in multiple ways, for example;

  • Improved fashion sense
  • A vast variety of clothes
  • Manufacturing of superior fabrics
  • Immense usage of creativity for designing clothes
  • Ever-improving living standards

Mostly upcoming trends in fashion are adopted by people in metropolitan cities as they have a greater sense of fashion and most importantly, they have greater purchasing power. They are more brand conscious and feel happier and more satisfied when they buy garments from their favorite brands.

In fact, the bigger brands focus on the section of people who have a lot of extra money to spend and improve their lifestyle at their whims and fancies.

Impact of fashion and lifestyle on the society

In general, society is pleased and happy to talk to a person who dresses up well and that person is considered respectable. People tend to associate with us by looking at our dressing sense.

The way of dressing up has a different meaning for everyone. For some, it instills a sense of pride and keeping up with the current trends in the fashion industry. In general, clothes are associated with respect and status too.

Some things which have become raging fashion trends over the past years are;

A pair of Jeans- Jeans are considered as an appropriate garment for rough and tough use . They do not get torn easily nor do they fade.

Furry Coats- They were used more as a fashion statement although their original purpose was to beat the extreme cold earlier, as animal fur traps the body heat and makes a person feel warm.

Online shopping trends-Increased online shopping of products has led to people spending more and in a very convenient way. Due to increased sales of products, discounts offered as sales promotion and continuous improvisation on garments and their fabrics, people indulge in shopping all the time needlessly. In the current times, selling is rampant on social media websites like Facebook and Instagram specifically.

Fashion brands have a huge customer base which is ever-increasing due to a better customer reach leading to a manifold increase in online shopping.

Therefore, we can say that fashion and lifestyle impacts society, mainly youngsters, in a major way. The trend of fashion and lifestyle is ever-changing and is considered a barometer of one’s dressing sense and society is expected to keep pace with the upcoming trends all the time. It forms the essence of everyday living in the bigger cities, specifically. Fashion trends keep changing and refer to several things that we wear while dressing up. They may include a piece of jewelry, footwear, watches, jackets, and accessories. Hence, to look great and different, we try to keep pace with the changing fashion trends and adjust our lifestyles accordingly.

Fashion in olden times.
Fashion in olden times. Source: Wikipedia
Fashion in modern times.
Fashion in modern times. Source:

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