The accused Khalistani terrorists were apprehended at 4 a.m. in a white Toyota Innova SUV at Karnal’s Bastara toll plaza on their route to Delhi.

The police reported today that four suspected Khalistani terrorists were apprehended at a toll plaza in Haryana, with a substantial number of weaponry, ammunition, and explosives confiscated from them. They intended to transport explosives to Nanded and Adilabad in Maharashtra and Telangana, respectively.  

The 4 Suspects 

According to the authorities, the main suspect, Gurpreet, was previously imprisoned when he met a Rajbeer with Pakistani ties. The police said Gurpreet and the three others seized today used to smuggle explosives across India. The four had ties to Pakistan’s spy agency, Inter-Services Intelligence, or ISI. 

They were stopped in a white Toyota Innova SUV at the Bastara toll plaza in Karnal at 4 a.m. while heading to Delhi. Bhupinder, Amandeep, and Parminder, all Punjab natives, have been identified as the other three suspects.  A military-grade mini-rover was utilized to approach the SUV and search for IEDs and a fully dressed bomb disposal specialist. 

According to the authorities, the four suspects were acting on orders from another terrorist, Harvinder Singh, in charge of them from Pakistan. The four were given IEDs, or improvised explosive devices, to redistribute across India.  Previously, the alleged terrorists were able to deliver IEDs to at least two locations. A country-made handgun, 31 rounds, and three iron canisters containing IEDs were among the weapons confiscated from the suspects. They were discovered with 1.3 lakh in cash. 

“Based on preliminary information, they were essentially working as couriers, bringing these rifles and ammunition in an Innova vehicle and heading to Adilabad in Telangana,” Karnal Range Inspector General of Police Satender Kumar Gupta told news agency PTI. “They will attend court and be held in police custody, after which they will be extensively interrogated,” he said. “We confiscated three suspected RDX (explosives) canisters, a revolver, a pistol, and 31 rounds of live ammunition,” he claimed. 

This comes only one day after the Indian Army discovered a large cache of weaponry, ammunition, and explosives in the Changlang area of Arunachal Pradesh. According to sources, on Monday, the 14 Rajput Regiment found a large cache of weaponry and ammunition from the jungle region of Phinbro-I under the Manmao police station, which was thought to be stashed by a banned terrorist organization. 

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