The Haat will be back in Kolkata this month, and from January 16 to 18, 2023, it will host multi-brand clothes and lifestyle events at the ice rink there.


This year’s theme will be CLASSIC. It’s officially time to start 2023 with classic fashion!

Image Source: The Haat

What is The Haat?

The Haat is a high-end fashion and lifestyle show that unites various people from all across the nation on one platform. Exhibitors display the newest fashion trends.

This is a special platform that unites exhibitors and their buyers.

It offers a massive selection of goods, including clothing, lehengas, saris, jewelry, home furnishings, art and craft supplies, home decor, bags, paintings, children’s clothing, accessories, men’s clothing, shoes, household goods, and much more.

Image Source: The Haat

This year’s highlights: 

The Haat exhibition will host around 70 Exhibitors from all over India. These exhibitors will showcase their Premium Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition. It is one of the most renowned exhibitions in the fashion industry. This season, there will be more than 200 product categories at the business-to-customer shopping event. One must look out for a wide range of bridal collections since this season may give more attention to the bridal range.

The event organizers announced on Facebook that a significant focus of the shopping export would be bridal attire for the upcoming winter wedding season.

The event is made to provide future brides and wedding guests with a one-stop shop for their necessities, including bridal and occasion attire, wedding jewelry, trousseau items, and accessories.

There will be 80 stalls at the event, showcasing national businesses.

The three-day fair will also offer ethnic apparel, silver jewelry, home décor, accessories, skincare, purses, sarees, footwear, and gift goods, among other product categories.

Image Source: The Haat

The aim of this initiative:

The Haat provides makers and company owners with a platform from which to reach out to new clients and increase sales in advance of the winter wedding season in an effort to promote traditional Indian crafts and up-and-coming enterprises.

Additionally, the purpose of the event is to introduce consumers to fresh product lines and brands.

The Haat hosts a number of shopping fairs each year and bills itself as “East India’s greatest fashion and lifestyle exhibition.”

The event also places a lot of emphasis on handcrafted and organic goods.

Be on the lookout for:

There are some things you should definitely be on the lookout for when you go to The Haat Exhibition.

  1. They host a great variety of imitation jewelry brands. These brands are small-scale yet very talented. You can shop for unique designs and handcrafted accessories from these brands at a reasonable rate.
  2. The handlooms are the must-try category here. Since The Haat hosts exhibitors from various parts of the country, one can check out any form of fabric one would wish for. From phulkari to chikankari, they have almost everything lined up at a decent price. The pieces are authentic since they come from the true motherland of those artworks.
  3. Check out home decor items with unique, authentic art forms. From varli painting to Madhubani and from simple flower vases to wall pieces, the artists are always happy to show you what would best adorn your home.
  4. You can take a break and grab some tasty treats here as well. Not just for your break time, but the exhibitors have a great lineup of local snacks for all your snacking needs.

Add this to your bucket list to experience the best of local and authentic art, culture and fashion under one roof.


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