The National Jute Board organises jute fair in Chennai


The National Jute Board organises a jute fair to display various jute products. This fair is organised in Mylapore at Kamadhenu Kalyana Mahal and will remain till 27th september.

Image source- Mylapore times

In recent years, jute products have been widely welcomed by the public. People are likely to be concerned about using eco-friendly products, so jute is considered as an alternative product.

Many entrepreneurs have come up with varied jute products like bags, baskets, ornaments, dolls, etc. This has created a demand among the consumers.

The National Jute Board in Chennai has organised many events and programmes to create awareness about the use of eco-friendly products.

A fair has been organised in Chennai that incorporates the display of many jute products. Also, the fair has partnered with 27 entrepreneurs across India.

Apart from the display of jute products, various stalls have been installed to sell products to the consumers. Various items like Jute Jewelry & Jute Ornaments like Jute Paintings, footwear, floor coverings, made-ups, File Folders, Jute Shopping Bags, Laptop Bags, Bottle Bags, Ladies Bags, Lunch Bags, Travel Bags, Jute Mirrors, Pen Stands, Key Holders, Moulded Jute Products, Hammocks, Jute Handcraft Coasters, Jute Dolls, Jute Clocks, Door Chains, Jute Purses & Pouches, Mobile Covers, Jute Chess Board.

The jute fair was inaugurated by Dr Beela Rajesh, principal secretary and commissioner of land reforms, TN. 

This jute fair will create ample opportunities for small-scale industries and entrepreneurs. This fair is also conducted to create awareness about eco-friendly products.

The government of Tamil Nadu has abolished the use of plastics across the state. However, there are a few people who still use plastics in day-to-day life.

The depletion of plastic waste is a great threat to the environment. An increase in global warming leads to climatic changes. 

Usually, jute products are not heavy, and that makes them easy to carry around. In order to preserve the environment, it is best to use eco-friendly products.

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