Have you ever thought what a perfect team to fight zombies, consisting of k-drama characters, would look like in a zombie apocalypse?

With shows like “All of Us Are Dead”, “Happiness”, “Kingdom”, etc., Zombies are a common sight in k-dramas nowadays. Zombie apocalypse has become South Korea’s forte when it comes to survival dramas. The shows are unique with their plotlines, realistic with their actions, and one cannot help but fall into the story and feel the angst and despair with the characters. But what if the viewers could form a team to fight zombies consisting of k-drama characters? Here are a few k-drama characters that would suit the job.


Note: Characters with no superpowers or super abilities have been chosen.

Lee Si Young from “Sweet Home”

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There is no exaggeration in saying that Lee Si Young would be anyone’s first choice for a female fighter in the team if they have watched “Sweet Home”. She shines in the drama with her well-built physique, stamina and fighting skills as Seo Yi Kyung, literally fending off monsters. Also as an ex-special forces officer who is also a fire-fighter, she has some top-notch survival skills.

Han Hyo Joo from “Happiness”

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Han Hyo Joo as Yoon Sae Beom not only has the experience of fighting with flesh-biting humans, she also has the sense of humor and calm that becomes a vital necessity in a depressing environment as a zombie apocalypse. She is not easily fazed by grotesque creatures and seems like a reliable ‘eonnie’ with a sense of responsibility.

Ji Chang Wook from “Healer” or “K2”

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Ji Chang Wook is a renowned action hero in South Korea and thus one can rely on his skills to fight, whether it be as the bodyguard Kim Je Ha from “K2” or Seo Jung Hoo from “Healer”. He is smart with his tricks and planning and thus can be a worthy asset to the team. He can very well be trusted with managing the escape while fending off zombies. He is the combination of smart and powerful which is rare to be found and is hence a significant addition to the team.

Lee Do Hyun from “Sweet Home”

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Though we have many fighters, we need a brain to take quick steps, plan accordingly and have the guts to take tough decisions. This is exactly what Lee Do Hyun does as Lee Eun Hyuk in “Sweet Home”. He is fast on his feet, has leadership skills when it comes to survival, plans strategically and though he may be hated for his tough decisions, he does take the most feasible ones and is thus the best choice for it. Not to mention, he is a medical student which acts as a bonus for the ones who get hurt.

Ma Dong Seok from “Bad Guys”

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Ma Dong Seok is the star when it comes to action and after seeing him in “Bad Guys”, “Train to Busan” and “Eternals”, it only makes sense to have him join the team. His character as Park Woong Cheol in “Bad Guys” is a force to be reckoned with. The guy that has been sent out of jail to catch the bad guys is definitely going to come in handy in an apocalypse. Not to mention, the scene in “Train to Busan” where Ma Dong Seok handles a group of zombies by himself while turning into one. That is the kind of power that is needed at such an hour.

Here is our team ready to fight flesh thirsty monsters or zombies. They might not have any super abilities, but they do know the art of surviving well.

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