The Polaroid Now+, the High-Tech & Whole New Classic Polaroid Camera


The Polaroid camera is well famous for bringing back the 90s style for the users while capturing their memories in a polaroid form.

The Polaroid cameras are also known as instant camera as it provides the print of the photos shortly after taking the picture by using the self-developing film.

The latest model of a polaroid camera, Polaroid Now +, is successfully developing its position in the competitive technology and gadget market by efficiently representing its high-tech features and various creative aspects for the photographers.

The Polaroid Now+ provides users with a whole new level of experience suitable for professional and personal photography. Its latest features are pretty exceptional to the analogue camera. 

About Polaroid Now+  

The Polaroid Now+ is an updated form of the polaroid camera, which provides high-tech features and the classic instant camera spin.

This latest polaroid is developed to give users many fun options and customise app control in smartphones.

This polaroid camera could be regarded as a suitable instant camera for beginners and advanced photographers as it provides easy-going features and several customising options for the shots.

The high-tech and classic features of the Polaroid Now+ highlight the presence of the latest technology along with a classical appearance.

This version of the polaroid camera also provides fun snapping features that enable the users to create dreamy aesthetic and artistic images.

Though the camera’s weight is quite bulky, it could not be termed as inconvenient to carry, and the overall design of the camera gives an outlook of an old-school analogue camera.  

Apart from this, the film of the Polaroid takes about 15 minutes to efficiently develop the captured image, and the image are don’t usually look as clear as the images produced by the digital camera.

Though, the standard and portrait mode features of the Polaroid Now+ have improved the picture quality, which further produces focused and clear images.

The users must also know that it would be difficult for them to capture pictures at night due to darkness and flashlight; the ideas usually develop pretty blurry, but the camera produces soft and aesthetic images in the natural light.

The Polaroid Now+ also doesn’t provide thorough instruction about adjusting the film tray and the latest features.

It is quite a complex process to understand the exposure sheet rolls and the end in which the film goes first.

Thus, the Polaroid Now+ is needed to improve their instructions section to provide detailed guidance to the users about the overall features and working of the camera.   

The price of the Polaroid Now+ is stated $149.99, which seems relatively high, but its latest high-tech features such as USB charging cable, lens filter kit, colour film, and smartphone base control further reflect the worth of the price tag.  

Comparison with Old Model of Polaroid 

The recent model of Polaroid, the Polaroid Now+, has introduced two latest features in the competitive technology and gadget market such as, Tripod mode and Aperture priority which enables the Polaroid to set itself from the smartphone-based control, which is not available in the old models of Polaroid.

However, there is quite a gap in the pricing level of the old model, and the new model of Polaroid as the old version of polaroid camera such as the Fujifilm Instax Square SQ1 has the price tag of $99.99, which is relatively low in comparison with the price tag of the new polaroid camera.

But the old version of the polaroid camera does not provide the feature of smartphone-based control, and neither provides the autofocus and exposure features available in the Polaroid Now+.

The Polaroid Now+ is regarded to have the highest price range compared to the other polaroid camera, but it also provides more controlling and colours film features.  

Niki Beniwal
Niki Beniwal
Emerging journalist and content writer.



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