The treatment percentage of life-threatening diseases has decreased with a massive fall.


The world fund report 

The world fund report of 2020 proves that covid held back life for its patients and the lives of patients with HIV, AIDS, and malaria.

The report showed a dropping percentage of 19% for the people treated for HIV compared to last year and a decrease of 11% in the prevention programs.

The report was released on Wednesday and has made quite a stir in the news. 

The global fund issues this report annually. This year on account of its 20th anniversary, it wanted the compilation to focus on the inspiring and heartwarming stories of patients’ recoveries from HIV, Aids and malaria. However, the reports presented a different story. 

The impact of the global pandemic has left everything devasted and shattered the progress the world made in the last decades. 

The reports claim a decrease of 19% in the number of people treated for drug-resistant TB. In contrast, the number of people registering for the extensive drug-resistant TB dropped to an enormous 37%.

The world noticed that one million fewer people were treated for TB in 2020 compared to 2019. 

The cases of HIV have been affected equally. The report shows a significant decline in the treatment of HIV too.

The HIV treatment percentage dropped to a portion of 11%. Also, the testing and prevention of HIV decreased to 22% in most countries. 

The malaria prevention methods have been less badly affected compared to the other two. Although it still has been affected.

The prevention methods and drive have helped to lessen the impacts of covid on this disease. The world fund noticed an increase of 17% in the distribution of mosquito nets and a rise of 3% in the distribution of indoor residual spraying. 

The pandemic effect 

The global pandemic made it impossible to put our attention on other illnesses. Especially smaller countries were at a loss of funds and used them for covid patients instead of other diseases. 

The hospitals did not provide care for fever and other illnesses because these were also covid 19 symptoms.

Also, with medical emergencies and complications, doctors from all fields and medical faculty were busy treating covid patients.

Also, people were afraid to go through diagnosis as the chances of them indulging with a covid patient became high.

The other side 

The world fund compiles the report. It is an advocacy fund formed to collect funds for HIV, Aids and malaria. 

The global fund did add that the measures we took to prevent the outbreak of the virus and the pandemic helped to lessen its devasting effects, or the cases would have been worse.

In 2020, the fund disbursed $4.2 billion to continue the fight against HIV, TB and malaria and approved an additional $980 million in funding to respond to Covid-19. 

The Global Fund says that since its inception in 2002, it has saved 44 million lives, and the number of deaths from AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria has decreased by 46 per cent in the countries they invest. 

Anupriya Yadav
Anupriya Yadav
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