The WBGames’ Gotham Knights Trailer Had Been Launch In 4K Resolution


As if to reassure everyone that this time, WBGames is getting the PC version right, a new trailer for Gotham Knights has just been released.


In WBGames’ Gotham City, a city rife with crime, the former proteges of Batman will take on the Court of Owls and other well-known villains in less than a month. The new PC trailer has made the action role-playing game, which already had a lot of people excited, even better.

The PC port of Batman that the publisher released in 2015: Arkham Knight was removed from Steam until fixes could be implemented due to the game’s well-known flaws. Warner is upfront with its promises regarding the PC port this time. You can anticipate seeing every pore on Robin’s face if the trailer’s promises are true.



High frame rates, 4K resolution, ray-traced reflections, ultra-wide and multi-monitor support, and all of the graphics customization options PC players expect from a good port are all included in the new trailer. Perhaps the most unusual callout is for Intel’s brand-new XSS upscaling, which uses machine learning to render at a lower resolution and then (attempt to) upscale the image with good quality, which lets you hit higher framerates at higher resolutions. 

Source: GamingBolt

To put it another way, it is Intel’s response to AMD’s FSR and Nvidia’s DLSS, and it will be interesting to see how it performs.

Gotham City is flooded with light and frequently sees rain, which may provide numerous opportunities for reflection. The ray-tracing feature will shine brightest here. The performance of the Intel XeSS in comparison to NVIDIA’s DLSS and upscaling technology would be intriguing.

Last but not least, the addition of ultrawide and multi-monitor support is an intriguing one. A few people could only use multiple monitors a few years ago. However, the use of ultrawide and multi-monitor setups has increased over time.

It’s encouraging to see that WBGames has taken this into account to ensure that the game works with all configurations. The game was initially delayed by a year, but its release on October 21, 2022, is now confirmed.

WBGames have not revealed the PC specifications as of yet, but as the trailer for the PC is out, we can expect to see the specs soon.

WBGames Gotham Knights
Credit: WBGames
Channel: DC

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