The first openly homosexual Sprinter from India

Dutee Chand sparked wedding rumors when she shared a photo of herself with her girlfriend Monalisa on Twitter on Friday, December 2.

Chand, who came out as a Lesbian in 2019, was recently photographed sprinting with the LGBTQ flag to promote acceptance at the Commonwealth Games in 2022. On her social media page, Chand wrote a touching message that began, “Loved you yesterday, loved you still, always have, always will.”

Here is the tale of 12 such female cricket players

Jis Jonassen, an all-rounder and left-arm spinner for Australia, also took home the World Cup trophy. In each of the three international cricket formats, she has represented the Kangaroos. Sarah Viren was her wife. Jensen has taken 87 wickets in 94 Twenty20 Internationals, 131 wickets in 85 One Day Internationals, and 6 wickets in 4 Test matches.

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Australian fast bowler Megan Schutt married Jess Hollyoaks after being friends for a long time. She has also won the World Cup title. Shut has taken 112 wickets in 77 ODIs and 108 wickets in 84 T20 Internationals. She has also played four Tests.

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Natalia Seaver, an England fast bowler, will wed Katherine Brunt, a fellow athlete, only in 2022. Seaver scored 512 runs in 8 Tests while also taking 10 wickets, including a century and two half-centuries for himself. and with the help of five centuries and 18 half-centuries, scored 28,289 runs in 91 ODIs, plus 63 wickets taken.

Image Source: Natalie Sciver

Rachael Haynes, another seasoned female cricketer from Australia, has known Leah Poulton for a very long time. She also took over the role of the child’s parent in 2021. Poulton plays cricket as well. In 77 ODIs, Haynes has amassed 2585 runs, including two centuries and 19 half-centuries. She has also amassed 850 runs in 84 T20 Internationals, three of which were half-centuries.

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In 2020, Liezel Lee, a feisty female cricketer from South Africa, married Tanja Cronje. Cronje also plays cricket. On the strength of three centuries and 23 half-centuries, Lee has scored 3315 runs in 100 ODIs. She has also amassed 1896 runs in 82 T20 Internationals, including one century and 13 half-centuries.

Image Sorce: Lizelle Lee

Apart from that, South African skipper Dane Nickerk married fellow player Marijana Kapp; Australian female cricketer Alex Blackwell wed Lynsey Aque; New Zealander Amy Sutherwaite wed Lee Tahuhu, and England’s international cricketer Lauren Winfield wed Courtney Hill.

Image Source: Alex Blackwell

The same has also been done by Australian Nicola Bolton, New Zealanders Hayley Jensen and Nicola Hancock, as well as New Zealand cricketers Maddy Green, Liz Perry, and Alyssa Villani.

Image Source: Melbourne Stars

They proved that “love is love” and has nothing to do with gender.

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