Things to know before moving to Switzerland


If you are planning to move to Switzerland or are simply curious about what the lifestyle of Swiss people looks like, this article is precisely for you.

Here is everything you need to know about Switzerland.

Let’s talk about the setting up cost in Switzerland. Switzerland can be pretty expensive compared to other countries.

And it is not just about your day to day expenses before settling in Switzerland. Certain costs cannot be avoided.

For example, the cost of the official documentation while shifting from your home country or three months of advance rent that you probably have to pay before getting a place to stay.

Not to forget the compulsory health insurance without which you will not even get a permanent residency.

So this list of expenses sure intrigues the financially aware citizen within you, and so here is what you can do to save some extra cash. You can start buying things in bulk from the supermarkets.

You can also get a discount railcard like the half-fare card and look for second-hand deals that might make your life a little bit easy financially.

Now speaking of finance, one should know about the work culture of Switzerland. Swiss people are hard working.

The average work duration is clocked upto 41 hours and 10 minutes in Switzerland in 2016. But this dedication does not stop them from enjoying their weekends and holidays.

Swiss people are significantly less likely to work outside their working hours, and so they have achieved the concept of work-life balance. So much so that the country practically shuts down on Sundays.

People in Switzerland love to spend their time doing various leisure activities. The beautiful snow-covered mountains make trekking and skiing quite a thing. But these experiences are not just limited to mountains.

They have perfect summers, and since there are about 1500 lakes in Switzerland, you can get a good tan by the waters as the temperature can easily range upto 30 degrees celsius in regions like Valais and Ticino.

Now that you’ve learned about working and vacationing in Switzerland, it’s time to discuss the cuisine.

Chocolate and cheese are the first two items that come to mind when we think about Swiss cuisine. However, it is not confined to that. Several cultures have affected Swiss cuisine.

As a result, French-style cuisine may be found in Geneva and Neuchâtel, German-inspired plates in Zürich, and Italian-inspired snacks in Ticino.

Switzerland is proud of its unique wine culture and coffee tastes, in addition to these worldwide influences.

Most Swiss people eat their first meal before 8:00 a.m., and it is frequently a family affair. As a result, business breakfasts are not part of the working culture in Switzerland.

Breakfast in Switzerland is known as Zmorge, and because most people rush to work, it is usually light, in contrast to lunch. Lunch, commonly known as Zmittag in Switzerland, is the main meal.

The majority of Swiss people love having lunch at noon, which is usually a hot meal, and this is where the cuisine is primarily reflected.

Children also enjoy a two-hour lunch break from school to spend with their families. Loud music, noisy tasks, and phone calls are all considered unpleasant at this time of peace.

Things to know before moving to Switzerland
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Dinners (also known as Znacht) are significantly lighter, colder meals than Swiss lunches, often hot and hefty.

In addition, Swiss people eat dinner much earlier than their European counterparts, usually between 18:00 and 19:00.

A typical Swiss dinner consists of sliced bread served at the table with cheese, cold cuts, jam, and honey.

However, this is not a hard and fast rule, and busy city dwellers frequently end up eating leftovers for dinner.

So, based on the preceding, we may safely conclude that Switzerland is rightly known for its high living level.

Swiss people can enjoy their lives to the utmost because there is a perfect balance between work and life.

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