A boat, filled with weapons was found off the Raigad coast in Maharashtra. Three AK-47 rifles and bullets were found.

  1. The boat was found near Harihareshwar shore in the Raigad district.
  2. The three AK-47 rifles and bullets created a case of terror.
  3. It has been confirmed by Maharashtra Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis that no action was terror was intended.

A yacht filled with weapons was spotted near Shrivardhan by some locals. They alerted security agencies.

The local police officials as well as the Anti-Terror Squad reached the spot when they found out that three AK-47 rifles along with bullets were inside the boat.

This sudden and unexpected arrival shocked the local citizens and created a state of terror in Maharashtra.

While the investigation was still going on, I was informed by Devendra Fadnavis that the boat had arrived at the Raigad coast because of the inclement weather.

The boat was owned by an Australian woman, and her husband was its captain.

The four-meter-wide boat was on its way from Muscat to Europe before the inclement weather hit, and because of the engine trouble, the couple had to abandon the boat.

The arms vendor was contacted after the three AK-47 rifles were recovered from the boat. He informed me that the serial numbers of the weapons that were recovered matched the ones that were missing from his inventory.

The reason why the boat carried weapons is still unclear, and further investigation into the matter is on.

The boat was badly damaged and partly submerged because of its battle with the monsoon winds.

Most importantly, it has been made clear that there was no act of terror intended.

The investigation is continuing, and updates will be given shortly.

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Aarushi Giria
Aarushi Giria
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