Turkey’s Ilker Ayci refuses Air India CEO’s post


Tata Sons had on February 14 announced the appointment of Ilker IC as MD and CEO of Air India. Ilker Ayci, former chairman of Turkish Airlines’ board of directors, will no longer be Air India’s new MD and CEO.

He has turned down the offer received from Tata Sons in this regard. Tata Sons have also confirmed this. A few days after the announcement of the appointment of Ayci, there was fierce opposition in India.

The government had an objection to the appointment

The government objected to his appointment as Ayci’s Pakistan connection came. Since the government’s objection, there was an apprehension that now someone else would become the MD and CEO of Air India, not Ayci.

The media has targeted since the appointment

According to media reports, IC said that Indian media ran many types of news on my appointment. Looking at these, I have decided that it is not correct or respectable to accept the position when this kind of narrative is going on.

He said that I saw that a section of the Indian media was engaged in forcibly giving some other color to my appointment since my appointment. As a business leader, I have always adopted a professional approach, and more importantly, I am concerned about the happiness and well-being of my family. Looking at all these factors, I have decided that accepting the offer is not an honorable thing.

Tata has three airlines

Tata Sons currently has three airlines. This includes Air Asia, Vistara and Air India. Tata has become the second-largest airline in the country after the takeover of Tata Sons.

Published By – Vanshu Mehra

Edited By – Kritika Kashyap


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