Twitter and its latest Communities features 


Recently Twitter has been looking forward to enhancing its social facilities for the users by testing new features of edge-to-edge tweets, Twitter communities, and soft-blocking.

These features would attract more users to the social media platform. Twitter is emerging as one of the preferred social media networking services.

This application enables users to post and further interact with others through messages known as “tweets”.

The application’s service is limited to unregistered users as they could only read publicly available ones.

In contrast, the registered users are enabled to read the post, like them, and later retweet the previous tweet of someone. 

Testing of New Features

Twitter is currently trying different new provisions to improve and refresh the general offices of the application.

One of the critical components that the application wants to attempt to switch on is its case style UI to another element, a clone of Instagram like edge-to-edge UI.

With the exceptional piece of edge-to-edge tweets, the application would give the clients a new interface of the application administrations.

This would mirror a professional and cleaned look of the application screen alongside a land screen for the clients, which would effectively uphold media tweets benefits connected with video, pictures or GIFs.

Moreover, the application also shared a brief glimpse of the new UI feature testing, reflecting the span width of the tweets in the timeline and enhancing space for photos, GIFs, and videos in the timeline. 

The other feature the application is testing is soft blocking, which would allow users to stop someone from following your account without any notification on the other person’s account.

This feature is not related to the standard block feature as soft block only removes the particular person from the following list of the performance.

However, the other person would be able to see your tweets by going through your Twitter account. Moreover, the soft block account or user could follow you again if they wish to.

Twitter communities are also one of the new features that the mobile application is testing to develop more creative and interactive social media platforms.

Its features enable certain users to build communities and invite people to share their opinions, common interest and interact as community members.

Moreover, the Twitter communities feature would also enable the creative member to be the administration of the community and further moderate the overall communities’ function.

Apart from this, the Twitter communities feature also allows the administrator to add unlimited users, while the members of the communities are allowed to add only five users. 


Niki Beniwal
Niki Beniwal
Emerging journalist and content writer.



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