Twitter has now joined the tally of E-Commerce.


Twitter will also release its E-Commerce platform with which Twitter users can save the product listings and make direct purchases from the Twitter app only. 

The Purchase Tab on Twitter 

The appearance of the Purchase tab in the function listing displays the record of the subscriptions or ticketed spaces that one has paid. It has also expanded the monetization offerings of Twitter.

But still, the suspicion ranges over whether Twitter will also provide the list of the purchased items through the app, which is yet not mentioned. Twitter will clear the rest on the Analyst Day Presentation that is to take place in February.

Twitter is offering product listings through different fronts. For example, there is a display panel for the Professional profiles, which the small pool of businesses is testing in the US.

For Professional Profiles 

Twitter has offered an additional function to the business profiles as they would have a customizable panel display that will appear above the tweet feed.

Through this display, the business will provide extra information about their business or brands etc. It also contains the image gallery, app store listing etc.

Moreover, Twitter also provides testing in tweet product displays. It is another method of driving the direct responses from the tweet activity. Twitter has accelerated product displays, but the whole transformation into the E-commerce platform will take time to get operational.

Twitter is willing to open all these options before the Christmas rush of shopping. The dream still appears something is challenging to achieve because it is testing other options right now like Twitter Blues, Ticketed Spaces, Super Follows etc. It gives a glimpse that the foundation is set for twitter commerce.

Importance of E-Commerce 

Twitter mode of shopping would provide different brands, more exposure to the products. It will become way easier to shop from the product announcement or the tweets related to the sale.

The pandemic era has shot up the E-Commerce business, with Americans touching around 1 trillion dollars. The growth of E-Commerce has accelerated the trend of online shopping.

The majority of platforms are looking forward to integrating the shopping option directly with the apps. E-Commerce will also benefit the customers as they would get a chance to optimize their money.

The recent survey has specified that 74% of the users of Twitter follow brands of their choice in the apps so that they can remain up-to-date with the latest news of the products and the changes associated with them.

Online shopping has been a boon for the customers to get their requirements without travelling far.

The goods and service delivery at the house’s doorstep has revolutionized shopping, which has converted shopping from physical to virtual.


The Twitter idea of opening an E-commerce platform and the Twitter feed will be an example for other social media apps to launch the shopping platforms as soon as possible.

Shopping is essential in daily life, and getting things right away at the doorstep is a boon for people without travelling any physical distance.

Providing different panels to different professions is another advantage to the customers to track the latest updates of the brands of their choice.

The other social media platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram are also on their way to launch online shopping mediums and payment systems.

The development in digital marketing has made this dream to be achievable. Digital Marketing is a blessing in disguise in today’s time.



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