UK aid workers captured by Russian Forces in Ukraine says NGO


The Russian military has detained two British volunteers who were giving humanitarian aid in Ukraine. The two citizens were apprehended at a checkpoint south of the southeastern city of Zaporizhzhia, according to the non-profit Presidium Network. Paul Urey and Dylan Healy were recognized as the duo.

Two British volunteers who were providing humanitarian supplies in Ukraine were seized by the Russian troops. According to the non-profit Presidium Network, the two citizens were seized at a checkpoint south of the southeastern city of Zaporizhzhia. The duo was identified as Paul Urey and Dylan Healy.

Paul’s mother, Linda Urey, said she and her family were “very concerned.” “We are aware that my son Paul and a friend who was a humanitarian aid worker in Ukraine have been kidnapped by Russians,” Urey said in a statement posted by Presidium.


The guys went missing after traveling into a Russian-controlled area to assist in the evacuation of a woman, according to Dominik Byrne, co-founder of Presidium Network.

Byrne claimed the woman told him she had been questioned by the Russian military about two guys they had picked up three hours after they were due to arrive at her house.

“I got a call and messages from acquaintances of theirs back in England on Wednesday evening stating that they are missing and that we believe we know where they are and that they’ve been seized by Russians,” Byrne told Reuters.

The news of their detention comes after the UK government disclosed on Thursday that a British national had been slain in Ukraine and another had gone missing. He was said to have been fighting alongside Ukrainian forces resisting Russia’s ongoing advance, and he is thought to be the first British warrior to die in the conflict.

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