Five countries started their terms on 3rd January after they joined United Nations Security Council as Non-Permanent Members. Ecuador, Malta, Mozambique, Japan, and Switzerland have assumed their responsibilities in one of the most powerful bodies of the UN.

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United Nations Security Council(UNSC)

The UN Security Council is a body of 15 member countries, five of which are permanent, and ten members are non-permanent join UNSC at a fixed interval of time. The permanent members have absolute veto power that is not available to the non-permanent members.


These five countries were elected by the 76th General Assembly session of the Security Council. They will serve as non-permanent members for the 2023-24 term. The latest memes are replacing five other countries which are Norway, Ireland, Mexico, Kenya, and India.

Mozambique and Switzerland have started their first-ever term at the most powerful body of the UN.

France, Russia, China, the UK, and the US are five permanent members of the Council.

A flag installation ceremony that was started by Kazakhstan in 2018 was held on Tuesday to mark the start of their responsibilities in the body by five new members.

UNSC and India’s bet for the permanent seat

In recent years few global incidents such as the Russo-Ukrainian war, the Covid pandemic, and global terrorism have made it a discussion to think about the emergence of new global order. The voices are rising upscale for the reforms in the working and structure of the security council.

India is leading the voices for reforms in UNSC as it also bets for its permanency in the council. Except for China, most other members support India’s position. 

Recently, Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar emphasizes the much-needed reforms in the working of the UNSC. he was in Vienna on Sunday addressing a gathering of the Indian Diaspora where he said, the 77 years old UNSC is no longer believed by many countries of the world, and we need a refreshed global order.

Since the Indo-pacific has become a theatre for global politics, the Geo-Political representation in the UNSC permanent seat is not satisfactory. And these issues must be entertained immediately to restore the rigidity of the security council.

India bets at its best in UNSC

S. Jaishankar also said that those who enjoy the benefits of veto and permanency are not in favor of seeing the reforms. 

India heads the Counter-Terrorism Committee of the Security Council until Dec. 31. India always emphasized the need to counter global terrorism with serious efforts collectively by the member countries of the UNSC. 

Over the past few weeks, India slammed Pakistan for spreading terrorism and for supporting terror financing. India strikes hard at Pakistan and China for interfering in its sovereignty. Disputes with China over LAC are also exaggerated in 2022 multiple times. 

The diplomatic relationship between India and Pakistan is also in a cold bed for the last few years. 

In UNSC, India is continuously raising these issues, and not only this, but India also leads the voices to bring necessary reforms in the working of the security council.

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