Vladimir Putin hands power to Ex-FSB chief Nikolai Patrushev, to undergo cancer surgery amidst Ukraine war


Exchange of power 

On Saturday a perplexing video was released from a channel named “General SVR”, in which the narrator informed the viewers about Russian President Vladimir Putin health. 

Supposedly Vladimir Putin is about to undergo cancer surgery amidst the fourth month of ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.  

According to the reports from “General SVR” The control of the state Is to be passed to Nikolai Patrushev, the head of Russian Federal Police’s Security Council. Patrushev is a hardline Russian who might do much worse that Putin if put in the captain’s chair. 

The channel “General SVR” is reportedly a former lieutenant general of Russian Foreign Intelligence Service alias “Victor Mikhailovich” continued talking about the secrecy involving the transfer of power and the medical ailments of president Putin.  

Official sources 

Kremlin has not reported to any such claims but then again secrecy has always been key to bureaucracy procedures in the historical accounts of Russia. 

The Book That Exposes Putin's KGB Takeover of Russia
Image source – Foreign policy

Upon being inquired about the said report on Monday, Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said that there was no proof to authenticate the claims made by the channel “General SVR”. 

In the reports, the channel’s narrator was quoted saying “Putin has been visited by a Cancer doctor nearly 35 times in the past few years, indicating the detrimental condition of President Putin’s health. 

The aforesaid video also contained reference of a Russian Investigative outlet known as the Project that has been speculating on President Putin’s health conditions and the supposed extreme treatments he has been soughing out for them. 

Unfortunate Timings 

With the Ukraine war in its fourth week and Russian troops taking heavy casualties in the war fronts, President Putin’s ailments could not have found a more unfortunate time to spawn. With the President of the nation under the knife, the entire fate of the Ukraine war and Russia hangs in the balance. 

The rumored candidate for the presidency during President Putin’s incapacity, is Nikolai Patrushev. The former chief of Federal Security Service, Russia’s internal and international Counter-Intelligence agency. 

Patrushev, the 70 year old former secretary of Russia’s Security Council is seen as one of the most key architects of Moscow’s War strategy so far and is also known to be the man to convince President Putin about the presence of Neo-Nazis in Kiev according to reports from Daily Mail. 

He is known to be cruel, hardline and extremist even by Russian standards. In case of surgery President Putin is reported to be incapacitated only for a span of 2 to 3 days according to the channel “General SVR”.  

In Russian Constitution, the power would go to the prime minister of the nation in case of the president’s incapacity, so there is much speculation into the fact that President would nominate Patrushev as the de facto leader of the nation in due course of his surgery. 

The narrator of “General SVR” had reportedly made claims about President Putin suffering from Bowel cancer Parkinson’s disease and adverse Schizophrenic disorder for which he has been undergoing treatment. 


The transfer of power is a topic of much debate after the controversial video by “General SVR” on Saturday. Although Kremlin has always portrayed president Putin in robust health despite the seniority of  the Russian President, His absence in many important world meetings and peace talks has not gone unnoticed. 

President Putin was seen uncharacteristically fidgety and pale in a recent meeting with a foreign head of state.  

Vladimir Putin to undergo cancer surgery, transfer power
Image source – New York post

If power is really transferred to Patrushev, there might be grave consequences for Russia’s war efforts in Ukraine as Patrushev will have the sole custody of the entire military and financial resources of Russia under his disposal. His intentions may be much more sinister than the one’s harbored by Putin.  

Putin’s surgery amidst the Ukraine war comes with a certain medical risk. In case things go south, Patrushev will have the control of Russia and it’s assets around the globe.  

Although speculations are that transfer will be null and void within 72 hours of Putin’s surgery however considering Patrushev’s extreme hardline policies it might be a bane for Russia’s future in the world if the worst case scenario’s of Putin’s demise comes true in the following days. 

Published By : Akshita Katoch

Edited by : Khushi Thakur


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