Looking to broaden the brand authority of your company? try vlogging. Vlogging or video blogging can be termed the art of blog creation in visual or video form. It means the narration of all the articles which has the added advantage of putting messages across by the use of visuals rather than presenting the same content in a written form. The audiences actually love it as vlogging fetches a larger crowd.

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If we observe youngsters in the current times, we understand that their main source of information is Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and most obviously Youtube. People regularly login onto such sites to get updates by watching the news and other different kinds of video clips instead of reading about anything to get updates. Recently, it was observed that Yahoo was surpassed by Youtube, becoming the second-largest search engine.


Most users of Youtube are between the ages of 18 and 34 and are ever ready to stop doing anything, as soon as a new video is released on their favourite channel. Creating a vlog for a business can lead to a dream come true in its branding.

Vlog and its meaning

Video logging as a marketing strategy can attract a greater number of customers and hence improve sales

A blog is a wonderful tool to keep one’s website regularly updated. Adding visual content to it can expand the reach of the brand by leaps and bounds and also provide the clients with a lot of information along with entertainment in a totally different flavour.

When people listen to any information, there is a chance that they will retain or remember only 10% of what they heard 2-3 days earlier but if the information is in visual form, it makes a greater impact and mostly the chances are that they will retain almost 65% of the information for a time period of 3 days or more than that. In the latter case, they hear and listen both, so the impact lasts longer and creates a lot of interest in the followers too.

Video blogs can be easily incorporated digitally into the already existing platforms and can be conveniently shared with the audience through social media platforms. They are important to reaching clients who highly prefer watching visual content. A video blog is an absolutely ideal way to give a business the human touch which people crave, in modern times. Vloggers have been successful in influencing the market as the crowd can easily associate themselves with the vloggers as “normal people” like them.

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They appeal to the clients in a more genuine way, when people browse the information on a product or service, as they are a class apart from the shiny and glossy advertisements people see normally in magazines and on television.

If we look at the lives of YouTube stars and how they have transformed their down-to-earth approachable and completely transparent style into something which is successfully selling. These YouTube stars then collaborate with designers and make a fortune by selling.

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These stars also do promotional work for bigger established brands. We can therefore say that even if established bigger brands do not make vlogs, they are understanding the significance of vlogging and the role it plays in vlogging in terms of increasing the traffic to the websites, promoting brand awareness and also building trust.

Even if a simple video blog is created, it can prove to be more than enough to improvise the content strategy and take it to the next level. In the current scenario, vlogging is important to boost the awareness of a brand and take its sales to a higher level. Vlogging gives a humane face to the business concern whether it is a startup, a large enterprise or a small business. The customers of a company get a more personal experience through a vlog. The clients relate better through a video blog because they feel as if they are buying from the person in the video blog rather than the company or a business or a website.

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Watching a video is an enjoyable process, and as per the records 6 billion hours worth of videos are watched on Youtube monthly and 92% of the people who watch on mobile keep sharing the videos with their acquaintances. The scope of growth of the businesses is, therefore, endless.


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