What Is Most Essential When It Comes To Dewy Makeup


What is really dewy makeup look? Well, its basically a wet look but with prominence of freshness and radiance that will make you look more subtle and give a more natural finish to your face. Dewy makeup look is turning out to be a massive hit all around the globe. From celebrities like Kendall Jenner to Jahnavi Kapoor everyone seems smitten by the ultra chic and glamorous makeup look.

What is most essential when its comes to doing dewy look is prepping your skin with best cleansers and moisturizers. Before starting to do any makeup do try to take care of your skin as it’s most apparent part of your body. Even if you don’t go out without makeup you will still need to take care of your skin because rejuvenation is something which is hard to achieve through cosmetics even if its not completely impossible.

And on top of that finding a one product that completely suits your skin is little harder in this gigantic cosmetic world. But it’s a good thing that cosmetics expanse has reached great levels to make you try new things in much better way.

We will be escorting you to the route of easy dewy looks with not many hurdles in your way.

1) Moisturizer

You need to have a good moisturizer because its the understructure of a dewy look. Moisturizer works on cursive level to give your skin that hydrating texture if you don’t fail to put it on your face. A layer of moisturizer is never bad.

2) Foundation

We have different opinions on using foundation. Some like to skip it while some mix it with moisturizer and for most of it, it is an crucial part of makeup ritual. You might want to cover the dark areas on your face using foundation. Don’t skip it at all just try to use adequate amounts on required spot.

3) Concealer

We are midway to our destination. Using concealer will help you manage your dark spots and blemishes. Just two or three drops will be enough to hide your discoloration or dark patches. Go thoroughly and make good use of your concealer done by little compact powder.

4) Mascara

You really don’t need to have an eye palette when it comes to dewy looks. Just curl you eyelashes and use a voluminous mascara. Make sure you are using long lasting mascara because this will be all you are going to have for eye makeup.

5) Tinted Lip Balm

Use a tinted lip balm for that fresh radiating effect in your lips. You can very conveniently use the tinted lip balm on your cheeks. The flush of pop, natural colour will definitely won’t disappoint you. This will finish your job and you will be reaching your destination of dewy makeup. But at last don’t forget to spray a makeup setting spray to seal tour work

Edited By: Khushi Thakur

Published By: Mohammed Anees


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