WhatsApp introducing newest features: Telegram mocks Twitter


WhatsApp tweeted on 3rd September saying, “Changing your phone no longer means losing your chat history. Starting today, you can move your WhatsApp history from iOS to Samsung. And soon across all devices”. 

Chat Transfer from iOS to Android

On Friday, WhatsApp claimed that now users will change their phones from iOS to Android without losing their chat history. According to WhatsApp, the data will remain on the old iPhone until the user erases the data or delete the WhatsApp app. The app is rolling out with this feature.

Although there are some basic rules if someone wants to change their phone from iOS to Android without getting interrupted with problems. Here are some – 

  • An iPhone user who wants to transfer chat history to an Android must keep WhatsApp iOS version or higher than that.
  • And the Samsung one must-have WhatsApp android version or higher than that. 
  • Every user needs to reset their Android before transferring the history from an iOS device.
  • And last but not least, Samsung users have to have a USB Type-C for lightning cable for doing the Transfer, which is most important.
  • Cable transfer also means the migrated data do not store cloud storage, so in that case, WhatsApp cannot see what data you have transferred. 

How to transfer chat history

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to migrate your WhatsApp chat history from an iPhone to a compatible Samsung phone ~ 

  • While switching on the Samsung phone, connect the device to the old iPhone using a USB Type-C.
  • After that, follow the Samsung Smart Switch steps to set up.
  • When the notification appears, start scanning the QR code with the iPhone camera on the new Samsung phone.
  • On the iPhone, tap Start and wait for the whole procedure to complete.
  • Then press ‘Continue’ to set up the new Samsung phone.
  • Go to your home screen, start WhatsApp and try login with the same phone number you were using on your old iPhone device.
  • You’ll see a notification appearing, tap Import.
  • Let active your WhatsApp 

Emoji Reactions

WhatsApp recently announced that the company working on some “Emoji Reaction”, also known as the “Message Reactions” feature for the upcoming version of WhatsApp. 

WABetaInfo also tweeted on 4th September, saying, “Spotted message reactions on WhatsApp! The first screenshot and details are available for message reactions! This feature will be available for beta testers in a future update.” 

They shared a screenshot of their upcoming emoji feature along with the tweet.

WhatsApp introducing newest features: Telegram mocks Twitter

WhatsApp shared a screenshot of iOS, where the reactions are below the chat bubble, claiming that the android version is under development. Message reactions will allow a WhatsApp user to react to messages, and if it’s a group message, everybody in that group can see who responded to which chat. This is the same feature which already is floating on “Messenger” for years.

Chat Bubble Redesign

The most used messaging app is also developing new designs for chat bubbles. But this feature is only for iOS users because a UI was introduced before on WhatsApp Beta for Android users. The new chat bubble design will probably be new green colour and more rounded.

Archive Feature

Lastly, WABetaInfo mentioned an “Archive Feature” for those who use the desktop version of WhatsApp, which means this feature will be available for multi-device users. This feature won’t permit to unarchive the archive chats automatically.

Right now, in the version we have, we face a problem with archive chats. In this version, whenever we archive a conversation on our phone, those archived chats pop up again sometime later.

The new feature is going to stop this popping. Although this same feature is available for WhatsApp Web and Desktop users, WhatsApp has enabled it when desktop users use multi-device. This is currently rolling out with the WhatsApp Desktop beta 2.2135.1 version, and it may roll out commercially after testing for a while.

Telegram mocks Whatsapp

Although users of WhatsApp are excited with so many features coming along, another well-known messaging application, Telegram, mocked WhatsApp on Twitter. The Durov brothers introduced this particular messaging.

This is a Germany-based tech organization called Durov Software Industry. The organization is established by two siblings Nikolai Durov and Pavel Durov, where Pavel Durov is the CEO of the association.

WhatsApp introducing newest features: Telegram mocks Twitter

The official handle of Telegram mocks WhatsApp because all these features are not yet fully implemented, and the “Transferring Chat History” feature only allows to transfer from iOS to Android. And another reason is Telegram has had this feature for years.

Simantini Thakur
Simantini Thakur
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