Tim Cook, the chief executive officer of Apple, agrees that women contribute less in the IT sector. He stated that the tech industry cannot advance without the full participation of women.

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Apple is the leading tech company that has launched various upgrades. Software and artificial intelligence will be leading the future.


However, it is less likely to see the participation of women in the IT sector. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, claimed the lower participation of women in the tech sector.

Furthermore, he stated that the tech sector cannot succeed without gender diversity. The future needs women to take part in the programming and coding of apps.

Tim Cook urges women to take up programming courses to learn the nuances. Learning coding and various programming languages will give them exposure to the tech sector.

Why does the IT sector lack women’s contributions?

Going back to the past, women were accustomed to taking a history or finance-related courses. And the zone has begun years ago, when women felt at ease in the finance, health, and management sectors, among others.

Lack of exposure is the foremost reason for the low contribution of women in the tech sector. Also, the IT sector has been dominated by the male crowd for ages.

Fewer female students are enrolling in computer programming classes. And only 25% of women have been employed in the IT sector.

This gender inequality is caused not by male stereotypes, but by the disbelief that women have carried throughout their lives. They believe that the IT sector is meant only for men, and they limit themselves to logical skills.

Logical skills are not gender-based. They can be gained at any point in time. Learning new programming courses and contributing to the IT sector will give me a broad perspective.

Just being ignorant and following the crowd will not make any change. Women should empower themselves and make their contributions to the IT sector.

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