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Working from home has been linked to an increase in back and neck pain, which led to 62 thousand Britons quitting their jobs. The most common cause for leaving a job is mental illness.

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Markets opened after Corona, but America and Europe are struggling because of a labor shortage. Thousands of laborers in this area have quit their employment because of neck and back problems. Since they spent months sitting incorrectly while doing job from home, the majority of them experienced neck and back pain.

According to a survey by the British Office for National Statistics, while 2 million people were unable to task owing to illness three years ago, there were now 3 million such people in 2019.

20 lakh people were unable to do it, but that figure has already risen to 25 lakh.

62 thousand of them were forced to quit their occupations because of neck and back problems. After mental illness, it ranks as the second most common cause of leaving a job in the UK.

They claim that while doing a job in the place requires a special design that supports our bodies, doing job for extended periods of time on a bed or sofa at home is physically taxing.

If not treated quickly, the agony becomes constant and lasts forever.

Neck pain aggravated by working on a laptop

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In persons between the ages of 25 and 45, back-neck pain has become an increasingly common concern.

Back and neck discomfort among adults between the ages of 25 and 45 has increased quickly, according to orthopedist Gavin Burt, director of the Backs and Beyond Clinic in London.

due to hours spent hunched over a laptop. Many people have endured so much suffering that they are unable to sit down and work.

Corona increased the trend of work from home

Source: The World Economic Forums

Sitting at home and working incorrectly has several drawbacks.

While the Corona pandemic enhanced the practice of working from home, he claimed that no arrangements existed for this. when people are seated correctly for their bodies.

Wasn’t People didn’t give sitting in the proper position for the body much thought.

The sickness of back and neck discomfort began while the body was under a lot of pressure.

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The majority of its victims were young people working and working from home.

continued to job incorrectly while at home. Prepare your home office and go for a workout. While sitting, rotate your neck while maintaining good posture.

Gavin Burt suggests that in order to relieve neck and back pain, patients should first begin working in hybrid mode. For instance, alternate working from home and at the office on different days of the week.


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