Prabhjot Katri, a Young Student, found dead in Truro: Murder or Homicide?


“We feel very unsafe. We are also people. Brown people also matter. We are giving our everything to this country. Why is this happening to us?”Prabhjot Singh Katri’s friend Kumardeep asked.

Prabhjot Singh Katri and His Family 

Prabhjot Singh was from Punjab’s Moga Bukkanwala village, India. His father was an Indian Army, Swaran Singh. Swaran Singh died in The Kargil War; Prabhjot was just one back then 

Prabhjot went to Canada because one of his two sisters is married and lives in Canada. Prabhjot used to live with her. Another sister is not in the condition to talk about all these. 

Prabhjot used to be a taxi driver back in Canada.In Punjab, his family members and relatives appealed to the government to return his body remains to India for some family rites. 

Indian-Canadian Community

Prabhjot went to Canada in 2017.He has many Indian friends like him who went to study and say that it is not safe for an Indian to look in Canada. 

They are passing this type of statement to media and news channels because they believe that their friend and classmate Prabhjot Singh Katri’s murder was not just a murder or were not a homicide what police said. 

Prabhjot Singh Katri’s friends claim that his death was not natural; it was a pre-planned murder. They claimed it was a “Hate Crime.” 

The Indian Canadian Community in Canada are worried that the attack was a racial motive that turned into a “Hate Crime.” in Canada, are concerned that the attack was a racial motive turned into a “Hate Crime”, the report said.

Jatinder Kumardeep said, “Prabhjot was my friend, and he was an innocent guy; he was just coming back from his job that day. He drove a taxi.” 

Kumardeep has not been able to sleep after his friend’s death. Kumardeep said, “There are many international students in Truro, so gradually we get to know each other”. Prabhjot Singh Katri and Kumardeep both came from Punjab and then bonded in Nova Scotia.

“We feel very unsafe. We are also people. Brown people also matter. We are giving our everything to this country. Why is this happening to us?” he asked. 

Some of his friends also said that it could not be anything other than “Hate Crime” because Prabhjot Singh Katri didn’t talk to the people he did not know. And it is too awkward if Canadian police claim his murder as a homicide because that does not make any sense.  

Overall, they all are terrified because they believe their friend’s death as a “Hate Crime”, and for that, they said, “It isn’t safe here for us”; “We are here, studying and helping this country with our talent, working here and still their hate is not stopping” they added. 

Canada Police  

Prabhjot Singh Katri was found in Truro town of Nova Scotia, province.Although Prabhjot’s friends claim his death as murder, Truro police label it as “Homicide.”   

David MacNeil of the Truro Police Service said, “We got a call 911 call from 494 Robie St on Sunday 2:00 AM”. And according to CBC reports, police there found a guy with some life-threatening injuries. 

MacNeil confirmed that the victim was Prabhjot Singh Katri, who later died of his injuries. In Truro, Prabhjot worked for Layton’s taxi and two restaurants 

We arrested a man in connection with the murder, but he was later released.He further said, “We went for several search warrants; also, we arrested”.

However, they were released later from our custody, and we didn’t ask them for any charges related to Prabhjot’s injuries or the homicide itself.  

MacNeil also said that he met with Prabhjot’s family, friends, and local Indian Canadian community members. “He was a hard-working young man with a bright future, and this is a senseless loss of life. The community is outraged by this,” MacNeil added. 

A GoFundMe has been executed to send Prabhjot’s body to India, CTV News reported.                                     

Simantini Thakur
Simantini Thakur
Simantini, a student of BSc. Forensics is passionate about reading and writing, born and raised in India. She has been writing since age 14. Working as a co-writer at "TWOHT" [The world of Hidden Thoughts]. And now she is really focused to work with Asiana Times.



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