30 journalists were directed to a defense correspondents course in Mumbai


As the announcement made by the ministry of defense, a 3-week course is being arranged in 2022 edition of the defense correspondents’ course (DDC). As this course selects the journalists from the regional and national media houses which will start in the maritime warfare center (MWC), in Mumbai on 22nd August 2022.

In this inaugural event the chief of staff, the western naval command gave a speech on the inauguration of the course, and the director of MWC also welcomed the 30 participants who got selected for the course.

He said,” the goal of DDC is to give the information and teach them about the armed force and aims to build the pool of journalists at all the levels of worlds and, they will be taught about the reporting of the story which is related to the maritime environment.

30 journalists were directed to a defense correspondents course in Mumbai
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In this attachment of naval, for a week the participants will be given the subject that matters to experts in the navy and the coast guard.

Journalists defense course:

As in this course, they will be given each information from the perspective of a journalist in which they will be given and show the various aspects of the navy which will include naval operations, naval diplomacy, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief and the organizational structure of the Navy and Coast Guard.

During the course, participants will also be able to visit the Indian navy and coast guard ships, submarines, and naval dockyard in Mumbai to teach and give them every information about it.

30 journalists were directed to a defense correspondents course in Mumbai
image source: twitter

As the journalist will be given information about the naval sea operations and will show them all the sea sorties on board a front-line war of the Indian navy which will highlight the naval course.






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