5 must-watch movies which were way ahead of their time


Movies have always been a point of connection with communities. It is just not entertainment but admiring the lens of beauty a story has. The intriguing fact is though some stories were always outstanding, the crowd mentality didn’t acknowledge them. 

Here we are with 5 must watch movies which will make you feel that they should have launched in today’s era.


Ijaazat(Permission) is a 1980s Hindi film starring Nasseridun Shah, Rekha and  Anuradha Patel. It is quite an interesting take on divorce. Directed by Gulzar, it is poetic and metaphoric in many ways.

The nuanced acting and character arcs are the most exciting part of the story. It was way ahead of its time because marriage was a societal approval bond that could not break, and Divorcees were looked down on.

Conversations around broken relationships and marriages weren’t prevalent. Still, a movie like this one puts a varied yet straightforward story in its approach to the audience.

Do paise ki dhoop, chaar aane ki baarish

5 must-watch movies which were way ahead of their time
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Do paise ki dhoop chaar aane ki baarish is a 2009 Hindi film starring Manisha Koirala and Rajit Kapur. It is honestly a feel-good movie but with a layer of social issues that mirror the storyline.

Movies didn’t represent the LGBTQ+ community respectfully, but for 2009 this movie did a pretty fantastic job.

If there had to be one takeaway that the movie mentions is that everyone’s definition of home can be different, and we need not compare and adjust to fit in where the home is.

The story revolves around a sex worker and a gay songwriter. It’s a beautifully woven story—a must-watch.

Cheeni Kum

5 must-watch movies which were way ahead of their time
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Cheeni Kum is a 2007 movie directed by R.Balki starring Tabu and Amitabh Bachhan as the lead. It is a romantic comedy with an underlying topic of age difference in a marriage.

The acting is so convincing that the onscreen chemistry becomes adorable and doesn’t look like a paedophile attempt at love.

It convinces the viewer to fall for the couple. The title track is playful and soothing to the ears. It becomes a must watch due to legendary Big B and beautiful Tabu.


5 must-watch movies which were way ahead of their time
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Swadesh is a 2004 movie starring Shahrukh Khan and directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar. This one is more of a practical patriotic film.

Without war, borders, and bloodshed, it focuses on the patriotism of an Indian individual. The frontline workers shape the country’s future, and we cannot expect people to stay abroad and be a patriot for India.

The feel of being in the soil you are born in and excelling in your day-to-day tasks to make it a better nation.

The songs in this movie are just too good. It talks about evils like caste, women’s education, lack of facilities like electricity, water and enhances India’s “desi” features.


5 must-watch movie which were way ahead of their time
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Astitva is a 2001 film starring Tabu in the lead role. The movie was way ahead of its time. It talked about a woman’s identity.

A woman is not only a wife, a daughter or a mother, but she is a human with all desires and wants that a man has.

The acting is so powerful that you will root for the main lead. It will make one think of the social conditioning men and women are put through. Instead of calling it a feminist movie, it is just a movie highlighting the need for equal rules for both genders.

The monologue, in the end, deserves an award in itself. The story has a simple backdrop, but it is just too good in its delivery.

Comment on your favourites if you watched these movies. Let us know what you think about films which were way ahead of their time.


Aishwariya Mane
Aishwariya Mane
Aishwarya is a born hustler with a passion for comprehending, listening and writing. She has completed her graduation in Political Science from Pune, India. She is a freelance content writer and a yoga freak. Not just that, she loves languages and is an absolute movie buff. Her belief is that words have the power to make a difference and with Asiana Times, she amplifies her journey to do so.


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