90 lakhs spent on sterilization, yet the number of dogs increased


According to the Municipal Corporation, more than 18000 dogs have been sterilized in 9 years, and vaccination has also been claimed

In 9 years, the Municipal Corporation had spent more than 90 lakhs on the tying of dogs, during which 18000 dogs were sterilized, even after this their number could not be controlled. At present, there are 55000 unclaimed and 20,000 pet dogs in the district, apart from this, vaccination of unclaimed dogs is also not being done in the city due to the attack of unclaimed and pet dogs. However, according to the order of the Supreme Court, dogs cannot be caught, their only rule is sterilization.

The corporation had sterilized 17702 dogs between 2013 and 2019, after which the work slowed down, from the year 2020 to 2022, only 304 dogs could be sterilized.

The corporation gets the sterilization work done by the non-government organization

Sterilization is done in the municipality and the body, only the corporation is doing the sterilization in the bodies like Loni, Moradabad, Modinagar, Khoda Municipality and Dasna, Patla etc. For the injured and helpless dogs in the same district, there is no shelter home.

Need to learn from Gujarat

Tamil Nadu Maharashtra has the highest number of cases of dog bites, Bengal is followed by Gujarat, but in 3 years, Gujarat has uniquely controlled dogs, due to which the cases of dog bites exceeded four lakhs in 2019. One lakh left in 2021.

After 3 months in the district, sterilization of dogs will start tomorrow

The municipal corporation has an ANML butt control centre from Nand village, the work of sterilization of dogs is stopped here for 3 months. There was a ruckus in the board meeting several times against the councillors demanding sterilization from some other institution, after which the corporation cancelled the old tender and gave work to another institution. But the old institution did not leave its possession, notice was sent 3 times by the corporation, after which the centre was vacated, this process took 3 months. Veterinary Officer Dr Ashish Tripathi. sterilization told that ABC is being repaired and sterilization work will be done by starting on 15th September.

More than two and a half thousand registrations

the Municipal Corporation is going to start sterilization and vaccination of unclaimed dogs from September 15, for this IML Butt Control is being repaired, and registration of pet dogs is happening fast till Monday, more than 25625 dogs Registration has been done on Tuesday in a single day 401 people have applied.

Registration slow for sterilization

The corporation has a birth control centre, in which 10 to 12 dogs are sterilized in 1 day, after sterilization, the dogs have to be kept in the centre for three days. The corporation used to pay ₹ 500 for sterilization earlier, but now ₹ 750 is being paid, so people are raising questions about why dogs are not being controlled even after increasing the money. From the sterilization of dogs before 3 months, there is a committee to take care of them: the corporation is the chairman of the municipal commissioner for this, the shelter, fate, causes and treatment of dogs, issues orders for treatment, seriously ill injured unclaimed Allows the capture of dogs Can create public awareness Also solicit cooperation and funding Conduct a survey of abandoned dogs from an independent agency. The corporation vaccinates unclaimed dogs only during sterilization, after 1 year it is necessary to re-vaccinate.

 24 dogs sterilize daily in Noida

32699 dogs have been sterilized in Noida in the last 3 years and 8 months i.e. 24 dogs have been sterilized every day, the authority has not shown the reality of these figures at the ground level. Showing that the number of dogs is increasing continuously, it proves to be dangerous for the lives of people, more than 100 cases are coming in the city every day due to bites by dogs, and more than 40000 dogs are making their shelter in the district.

On the other hand, to control the increasing number of seats in Navyug Market City, an organization on Wednesday increased the demand for money from the Municipal Corporation. A proposal has been sent to Mayor Telu Ram Combaiz in this regard. The organization has demanded ₹ 50 for the sterilization of each dog. In this regard, Mayor Telugu Ram has said that he will keep the matter in the meeting of the Municipal Corporation Board, and whatever decision the board takes will take further action on that basis.






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