A Possible End to Two Terrifying Years: Covid is Apparently on the Verge of Becoming Endemic in India


Covid may soon become manageable as third-wave threats seem vague. With the fresh beginning of festivities all around, India may quickly avoid another wave of the Covid-19 virus if regulations are appropriately maintained.

Good news awaits India as the Director of the National Centre of Disease Control, Sujeet Singh, announces that Covid-19 will start to reach its endemic stage in the next six months in India.

Although the pandemic has challenged most of the experts’ predictions, this virus will not defy this forecast in the upcoming period of six months.

Why It Matters?

A Possible End to Two Terrifying Years: Covid is Apparently on the Verge of Becoming Endemic in India
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When any disease becomes endemic, it essentially means it gets confined to and spreads widely within only one place.

It turns native and area-specific to that place, and over time stops evolving. With no rapid mutation, the disease or the microorganisms causing the disease becomes weaker and, thus, more manageable.

Therefore, Covid-19 reaching its endemic state will be suitable for the population as it will stay in the environment like other endemic diseases like flu or chikungunya.

As the virus weakens, it will let the health infrastructure of India recover, which in turn will provide better clinical facilities.

According to Dr Singh, if the experts can curb the morbidity and death caused by the virus, the disease will instantly become manageable.

He further added that a country like Kerala, where many people get easily affected by the virus, is also combating their situations and emerging victorious.

About the Worrisome Third Wave

A Possible End to Two Terrifying Years: Covid is Apparently on the Verge of Becoming Endemic in India
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Dr Singh said that infection among fully vaccinated people could happen in twenty to thirty cases as scientists say immunity level starts dipping after seventy to hundred days after vaccination.

These breakthrough infections will be caused by the new strains of the Covid-19 virus.

However, only by vaccination and even more exposure to Covid-19, the virus’s ability to generate the infection will fizzle out.

There is no new variant of the virus in India, including the C1.2 and Mu, raising serious concern worldwide.

As per the doctor, a single new variant cannot cause a third wave in the country, and it will be a mixture of antibodies and behaviour. Nonetheless, the upcoming season of festivals is worrying the experts right now.

What has been Advised by Dr Singh?

A Possible End to Two Terrifying Years: Covid is Apparently on the Verge of Becoming Endemic in India
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Dr Sujeet Singh has asserted the importance of vaccination at this time as it remains the most effective protection against infection.

Until now, seventy-five crore people received their double dose of vaccine. If the vaccine’s effectiveness is seventy per cent, then around fifty crore people of the country have built immunity against the disease.

People who have got only the first dose are also immunised since a single dose of the vaccine increases immunity by thirty to thirty-one per cent.

Furthermore, he has strictly advised the people to follow appropriate covid norms even after completing two vaccine doses.

He opposed any behaviour, such as not wearing masks and not maintaining social distancing, that may catalyst the third wave.

Present Update of the Country

On Wednesday, India witnessed a single-day rise of 27,176 new Covid infections taking the entire tally to 3,33,16,755.

The number of deaths hiked up to 4,43,497, with 284 further casualties. Based on this, India has recorded less than 50,000 day-to-day cases for straight 80 days.

As per Union Health Ministry data, active cases have decreased in number and comprise 1.05 per cent of the total infection, while the national recovery rate stands at 97.62 per cent.

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