NCDC Chief on Covid-19: Covid Can Turn in to Endemic in Six Months


According to the NDTV report, the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) director, Sujeet Singh, stated that a new variant of the Covid-19 alone does not potentially bring the third wave. Thus, within the next six months, the Covid-19 pandemic in India can also turn into endemic.

The endemic situation generally refers to a problem when the disease’s outbreak and its impact are limited to certain areas and some people at a given time. The endemic disease situation occurs when a large section of a state or country has become immune to the spreading disease by getting vaccinated.

Contrast Between Pandemic and Endemic situation of Covid-19

The terms pandemic and endemic generally possess opposite meanings as pandemic refers to a situation when a new disease or infection outbreaks across the globe or to a more significant part of the earth.

In contrast, endemic refers to the constant presence of a disease or infection within a limited geographical area.

The best example of a pandemic is the spreading situation of coronavirus in March 2020 which harms the life of the people and on the economic condition of various counties across the globe, making it a symbol of a pandemic.

On the other hand, the most suitable example of endemic could be the first outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan, whose impact was limited to that area.

According to Sujeet Singh, the pandemic situation of India could turn into an endemic problem in six months. According to the experts, COVID-19 in India would be entering the endemicity period of the infection, which refers to the low to moderate level of COVID-19 transmission.

That infection would be less effective on the health aspect of the country.

Further on, Sujeet Singh added to this statement that if the citizen of the country strictly follows the precaution of COVID-19, the infection would be more efficiently manageable and if the morbidity of infection is kept under immense control, the variant outbreak of the disease could also be controlled.

Importance of Vaccination in the Process

To efficiently fight the COIVD-19 infection and control the spread of the virus in the country, the most important is to ensure that all the country’s citizens are vaccinated and the precautions of the pandemic are kept in exercise the day-to-day life of the people.

The Director of NCDC, Sujeet Singh, in his statement on coronavirus endemic in India, further added- vaccination is an essential step in the endemicity of the COVID-19 virus as vaccination plays a critical role in helping the people to fight back the virus.

Vaccination leads to increased immunization rates among the people, protecting them from the negative impact of the virus on their health. Moreover, vaccination also limits the spreading rate of COVID-19 in the country and develops high chances of mitigating the COVID-19 risks in the country.

NCDC Chief on Covid-19: Covid Can Turn in to Endemic in Six Months
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Along with vaccination, people are also required to strictly follow up the precaution of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as periodic testing of infection, social distancing, wearing the mask, and maintaining hygiene level as these aspects would ensure the safety and protection of the people from the coronavirus and would also immensely control the spreading rate of the virus in the community.

Though vaccination and precautions could not guarantee the complete disappearance of the virus due to its mutant’s occurrence, the mutant’s impact could be controlled with upgraded vaccination. Thus, vaccination is stated as an essential aspect in the process of the COVID-19 endemic.

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