Afghanistan Crisis: Pakistan International Airport the First Commercial Flight After Taliban Acquisitions Land in Kabul


The first foreign commercial flight since 15th August, an International contributor will accumulate at a conference in Geneva today. It is an initiative to enhance $600 million over for Afghanistan during this humanitarian crisis.

An International commercial flight was dispatched towards Kabul on Monday. The first flight after the Taliban takeover lands in Kabul.

Today’s initiative is sending some hope to Afghans still factious to leave the country. The Afghan capital’s airport was severely wracked after the U.S forced returned with a chaotic evacuation of more than 120,000 crowds on 30th August.

From that moment, the Taliban have jumbled up to get it running with the technical aid from Qatar and other regions.

Qatar Airways directed several charter flights out of Kabul the previous week, transporting mainly foreigners and Afghans who renounced the evacuation.

Today, a Pakistan International jet arrived in Kabul before making a come-back flight to Islamabad.

Almost 70 passengers were on the Islamabad, mostly Afghans who were in good bond with international organizations such as the World Bank staff, as per the airport ground staff.
An anonymous stated that she was being evacuated.

Her final destination is Tajikistan. She is a 35-year-old World Bank evacuee. She also mentioned that she would return there only if the situation permits women to work with freedom.

A University student stated that he was taking a month trip to Pakistan. He shared his mix-feelings as he was sad about the nation but glad to leave for some moment.

The recommence of commercial flights will be a test for the hard-line Islamist circle, who have continuously pledged to grand Afghans with the proper documents to leave the country fair.

As the passengers forwarded to board, airport staff went off their duties, although working under their new rule is spoiled by fear and messy for women.

“I don’t know if we will be killed or not for working here,” a woman handling the security scanning machine stated Agence France-Presse (AFP).

A Pakistan International Airport representative stated at the weekend that the airlines were eager to restart the daily recommence service.

It was too early to express how continually flights between the two capitals would operate.

However, Afghan pilots are leaving Uzbekistan for UAE, despite Taliban coercion. U.S- educated Afghan pilots and other personnel ran run away to Uzbekistan and were stayed in an Uzbek camp for about one month started departing the nation on Sunday, expressed by a pilot.

They fled under a United States deal that came despite the Taliban squeeze for the come-back of the pilots and aircraft.

However, Reuters revealed tension at the Uzbek camp with Afghan pilots and aeroplanes, with Afghan pilots dreading being delivered to Afghanistan and being killed by the Taliban.

The Taliban expressed they would not abolish retaliation killing after seizing command of the nation in August.

The circle uploaded images of Sheikh Mohammad meeting current Prime Minister Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund, during photographs of him along with Hamid Karzai roam around social media.

In Doha, the foreign ministry stabled meeting with the current Afghan rulers as Karzai and Abdullah.



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