Takeover by Taliban: Chaos at Kabul Airport and Emergency Meeting by UNSC


After 20 years of war, America exited Afghanistan leaving Afghan people to the faith of the Taliban. After this, US President Joe Biden continues to face global condemnation about his approach and the worsening situation in Afghanistan.

“Biden you betrayed us”, “Biden you are responsible”, chanted by Afghan Nationals outside the White house. People carrying Posters depicted “Don’t let History repeat”, “Taliban burn in hell”, “This is not Freedom”, and many more.

American President Joe Biden, who ordered the pullout of US troops from Afghanistan, has not yet issued any official statement about the intensifying crisis in the war-torn country.

Former US President Donald Trump blamed Joe Biden for the situation happening in Afghanistan and demanded his resignation from the top post.

Taliban enters Afghan Presidential Palace

After the government collapsed and President Ashraf Ghani, surrounded by militants, fled out of the country on Sunday, the Taliban entered Afghanistan’s Presidential within hours.

The Taliban had been in talks with Afghanistan’s Government over who would rule the nation, following the rapid advance across the country.

Taliban seized almost every major city of the country, often with little to no resistance. Taliban security officials said a “peaceful handover of the government facilities ongoing across the country”.

Ashraf Ghani’s first statement after fleeing from Afghanistan

On the other hand, President Ashraf Ghani says the Taliban has won as the militants enter Capital Kabul. Within ten days, with the power of swords and guns, the judgement has fallen in the Taliban’s victory.

Mr Ghani, who fled from the country, said he left to prevent a “flood of bloodshed”. He added, “Taliban is now responsible for honouring property and self-preservation of their countrymen”.

Mr Ghani did not mention where he had travelled to, but the leading Afghan Media group suggested he had gone to Tajikistan.

After few hours, Abdullah Abdullah, the head of the Peace Process, said on his Facebook page through a video, “The former Afghan president has left the nation, leaving the people to this situation”. It was the first time Mr Ghani got acknowledged as Former President.

While speaking to Al Jazeera, Mohammad Naeem spokesperson of Taliban, stated, “Today is the great day for their efforts for the Afghan people.

They have witnessed the fruits of their efforts and sacrifices for 20 years”. Taliban is now calling for international peace relations, and Naeem said the Taliban did not want to live in isolation.

They will not allow anyone to use their lands to target any, and they do not wish to harm others.

More than 60 nations released a joint statement on Sunday night about the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan.

The report says those in power and authority of the county are responsible and accountable for protecting human life and property and immediately restoring security and civil order in Afghanistan.

UNSC Emergency Meeting

While the Taliban is ready to declare its victory United Nations Security Council scheduled an emergency meeting at the request of Estonia and Norway, the UN chief on Friday urged the Taliban to halt their offence and negotiate in good faith immediately.

Antonio Guterres has repeatedly condemned the violence against Afghan civilians, is expected to speak at the emergency meeting where UN Secretary-General Antonia Guterres will brief council members on the latest situation following the Taliban takeover.

Neighbouring Nations Reactions on these Developments

USA – the presence of US troops will be expanded to nearly 6,000 soldiers over the next two days to take over the air traffic control and secure the safe departure of the US citizens.

UK – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said nobody should recognize the Taliban bilaterally in an interview clip. He added that all like-minded nations should be united and do whatever in power to prevent Afghanistan from lapsing back into a breeding ground for terror.

China – Hua Chunying said they respect the right of the Afghan people to independently determine their destiny and is willing to continue to develop. China says it is ready for friendly relations with the Taliban.

Pakistan – In his latest interview, Prime Minister Imran Khan said the takeover of the Taliban is “breaking the chain of slavery”. In his statement, he added that he is concerned about the future of women and girls whose hard-won rights must be protected.

Tajikistan – the Tajik government has mobilized 20,000 military reservists across the border with Afghanistan. Tajik has allowed military personal to enter Tajikistan on humanitarian grounds.

Russia – Russia said they would not rush on recognizing or not recognizing the new authorities in Afghanistan. The Russian ambassador in Afghanistan will hold a meeting with the Taliban and will decide based on conduct. Russia had banned the Taliban based on the terrorist group.

Iran – Iran has reduced its diplomatic presence in the Afghan lands. Only a few guards and local workers are present in the nation.

India has not given out any official statement on Taliban threats to India or their take over. But leaders like Omar Abdullah said this wasn’t the way the US was supposed to leave.

While Subramanian Swamy said, the Taliban has completed its takeover. The US is only suitable for supplying weapons.

It’s time for Modi to get serious about governance for battle as the Taliban, under the mentorship of Pakistan, is at striking distance.

Thousands of people flocked to the Kabul airport to flee the country and the violence of the Taliban. Also, due to the rush of the countries to evacuate their diplomats.

Residents near the Kabul airport said they had heard gunfire. The chaotic scene continued at Kabul airport on Monday morning, leading to heavy traffic on roads.

Kiran Maharana
Kiran Maharana
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