Ahsan Samraa, Is a Pakistani- Canadian Singer-songwriter, who has written lots of Punjabi heartbreaking compositions, candidly spoke about his music, journey, and the biggest obstacles in his career and a lot more in a recent interview.

Ahsan Samraa has released numerous songs, and he is currently working on a lot of collaborations with prominent names in the Punjabi Industry. The artist says, It’s his world now, and he cannot imagine what would happen to him, If he could no longer continue to make music.

The 23- year-old Ahsan Samraa, also revealed how he convinced his parents to pursue his passion an,d How youngsters can do the same to pursue their dreams, Because music is not an easy cup of tea for everyone.

In This Interview, He Puts A Light On All Of The Issues An ‘Independent Artist’ Face In Today’s World:

• Can You Tell Us About Your New Single ‘Bach Ni’ ?

‘Bach Ni’ took only a few hours to be completed. I was delivering orders with uber eats and I had a loud beat playing in the car. I suddenly came up with these two words: Bach Ni. It went well with the beat. I stopped working right there and completed the whole track on my way back home.

You Began Doing Music At A young Age; what Drew You To Music ?

I always found peace around music. I believe that every artist goes through a lot of things in his/her life. From a very young age, I have been facing such things till today. I believe I slept in peace only the nights I wrote something or created a melody in my head. When nature puts you in difficult situations, it wants you to use that force in the best way possible. I used my scars to heal myself.

What Made You Decide To Pursue A Career In Arts & Music ?

Growing up in a strict Muslim household where singing is considered a prohibited practice, It wasn’t an easy thing to dream of. I have always found myself in love with melodies and I consider myself lucky enough to be blessed with a creative mind. I never thought I would be doing music professionally. This all started back in 2019 when I randomly started vibing with a hip/hop beat and wrote some lyrics to it. That day, I knew something I should’ve known way earlier. I was confident enough that I could write and decided at the same moment that ‘Music’ is a part of me and I can’t forcefully think otherwise.

• What Kind Of Singer Would You Classify Yourself As ?

I don’t wanna be specific to genres. Music, I believe, is something you always keep learning. The way a human mind can switch perspectives and personalities is astonishing. Yes, I’m exploring Punjabi Hip/Hop as of now but I should not be defined by this genre. I want to play with melodies in different ways.

Who Inspired You To Make Music ? Who Are your Inspirations?

Sidhu Moosewala, Karan Aujla, Diljit Dosanjh, and a few more names come to mind who inspired me. I started listening to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sab when I was around 14. Along with that, Biggie and Tupac are some prominent names in my head. My inspirations came from diverse cultures and that’s the reason I can never be bound to a certain language or genre. Music is to demolish boundaries, not to create them

• The Music Career Seems To Be A Risky Career According To What People Believe, So What Message Do You Want To Give Out To Those People Who Can’t Convince Their Family to Get Into Music and Pursue Their Passion?

I know a lot of youngsters can relate to me. Sometimes, it’s the parents. Sometimes, it’s the financials. Now, that’s what this career asks for. It asks for extreme passion despite any of the factors affecting you mentally or financially. There are going to be a lot of sacrifices on the way. The road you’re walking seems endless at times. But you have to be the strongest among all these fears.

How Do You React To Trollers & People, Who Fight Over The India-Pak Issues And Some People Also Drag the Music & Arts In It ?

I feel very bad when I hear such things, as I believe “Music Is To Demolish The Boundaries Not To Create Them”. The kinds of artists & people I’m exposed to there is a great experience and I really enjoyed it. The political fallout [between India and Pakistan] has not influenced our relationships, I would love to collaborate with them, Whether it be for an international platform, a Pakistani platform, or for an Indian platform. Mainstream Bollywood is a different ball game altogether,”I would love to collaborate with as many artists as I can. Music has no boundaries and no religion. It is purely based on love & peace and we should cherish those things rather than the negativity around us.

• Ahsan Hindi Songs And Bollywood Songs Seems To Be Trumbling Nowadays, But Punjabi Music Is Achieving New Heights Every Day. What Things Would You Think Are Going In Favor Of The Punjabi Industry?

Why is it influencing youngsters so much?Indeed, Punjabi Hip/Hop has taken over music in the South Asian region. The reason is that we have young artists experimenting a lot. Young minds are also getting into production which is a key factor in any hit track. Music is more accessible these days.

Which Is The Upcoming Songs & Music That we Cn Expect From You In The Coming Days ?

I have a variety of Punjabi tracks lined up right now. You’ll get a mixture of hip-hop, drill, and pop as well as some new experiments. Also, I’m trying to collaborate with big names in the Punjabi music industry, so there’s lot of things which is coming up, and I’m really excited to share that with all of my fans.

Ahsan Samraa Official ‘‘ is the artist’s YouTube channel that includes diversions alongside groovy Punjabi songs, Punjabi bhangra music, Punjabi romantic songs, and far more.

Ahsan’s groovy Punjabi music has gained him a name for himself, with his song ‘Khalaray‘ music video hitting 173,000 views on YouTube. He is getting appreciation from every end, He has shown what his calibre, and this his just beginning the time can solely tell what will going to happen.

Ahsan Samraa continues to place up music for his fans, listeners, and subscribers, whom he regards as a part of his family. He’s perpetually releasing new and entertaining content whereas often uploading superb music videos. He is currently working on his new compositions.

He is working on ton of things currently. He is also been working with some big names and people and also with some possibilities of working with international artists as well. .

Now the time is in Ahsan Samraa’s favour let’s see what he brings for his fans in upcoming days.

Aastik Bairagi

Aastik Bairagi studied English Literature. He is an alumnus of The Maharaja Sayajirao University Of Baroda. He has great experience in conducting interviews. At Asiana Times, he covers sports news and writes feature stories on indie artists & musicians.


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