AI Space Factory Creates The First 3D Printed Constructive Lunar Structure With NASA


An in-situ, 3D-printed outpost called LINA was developed by NASA and AI Space Factory to safeguard astronauts and crucial missions on the Moon.

The project By AI Space Factory and NASA is a component of the Relevant Environment Additive Construction Technology (REACT), a multi-year effort to develop technologies for lunar surface constructions within the Artemis Mission’s timeframe: the return of humanity to the Moon.

AI space factory
Credit: NASA

LINA is a step in the effort to expand civilization to Earth’s natural satellite and explore it in a sustainable way that minimizes the human disturbance.

It is a humble yet strategic approach that is evocative and adaptive to the native terrain of the moon.LINA, in contrast to our Mars surface habitat MARSHA, which was constructed as a freestanding object, can be expanded into a group of units that form a larger, more systemic lunar outpost. LINA utilizes topographical features in the lunar landscape to protect itself from harmful solar and cosmic radiation thanks to its orientation, which provides self-shading.

The concept for a lunar outpost known as LINA is both adaptable to the lunar environment and visually sensitive to it. As we realize this long-lived imagination of expanding civilization to Earth’s only natural satellite, we are also mindful of exploring the moon in a sustainable way that minimizes human disturbance. SpaceFactory and NASA are working together to develop technologies for in-situ construction of lunar surfaces to accomplish this objective during the Artemis Mission: the return of humanity to the Moon.

AI Space Factory
Credit: NASA

LINA can grow into a larger and more systemic lunar outpost by expanding from a single structure to a collection of units. It is anticipated to house the astronauts who will be sent to the Moon within the next ten years, with a central staging area of 90 square meters and an occupiable floor area of 75 square meters per unit. It is built to last at least 50 years and will shield astronauts from dangers like solar particle events, moonquakes, impacts, and the cryogenic conditions of the lunar night.

In the conclusion, it can be declared that LINA Is an important part of the Artemis Mission to bring Long-term human habitation beyond earth. It is a technological and architectural milestone that sets the stage for future explorations beyond our moon.

AI Space Factory NASA
Base Of LINA Credit: NASA
Channel: AI Space Factory

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