Alia Bhatt’s Shades Of White From Promotions


The just married actress has bestowed upon numerous styles with the colour white on us from her promotions of the movie Gangubai. As we are all now well acquainted with the name Gangubai Kathiawadi, the movie presented real story of Indian social activist who fought for sex workers and orphans and who herself was a prostitute.

Alia Bhatt received a lot to praise for the role she portrayed of Gangubai. Gangubai was madam of a brothel in Kamathipura, an area of Mumbai. Gangubai wore white sarees for most of her life, ever since she became a madam of the brothel and for some particular reason Alia made her mind on wearing white.

This came out as a spectacle as most of the times we see shades of various colours but never white. And there are so many admirers of white colour. Although for so many of white seems a dull colour with no specific ambience which other colours would create. But Alia Bhatt has nailed the style and forged a new trend with all white.

Here we are going to look into Alia’s captivating beauty and her appealing looks in white.


The very first look is this ethnic dress with ivory embellishments and embroidery paired with gold coloured chandbalis. The whole looks is ethnically minimal yet very beautiful and pleasing. Alia Bhatt’s long time makeup artist Puneet Saini knows how to adore the actress. The minimal makeup and dewy tones highlight the whole fit to extreme levels.

The elegant saree by Devnaagri an ethically produced Indian clothing and apparel brand. The elegant couture designs draws attention towards the collection and many of celebs are seen wearing pieces of Devnaagri. This time a white saree with yellow designer patterned around the edges topped off with Jhumkas. For the hairstyle reel life Gangu chose messy bun adorned by white roses.

Alia Bhatt has this special ability to carry everything and anything she wears in a graceful manner with hints of subtlety. Another white look styled by her long time stylist friend Ami Patel. Wearing Punit Balana saree with classic red lipstick. Also showing off her incredible abilities to go out almost with anything.

Alia’s white saree will make you feel envious now because the actress has nailed every mark with her elegant yet impressive demeanour in white sarees. The silk saree with yellow coloured details is a apparel every woman will want in her wardrobe. Again styled by celebrity stylist Ami Patel Indian clothing Raw Mango. Going forward with the intention of keeping all Indian couture brands at hands.

And when in Berlin…. this time reel life Gangu opted for Dolce and Gabbana. The white off shoulder gown with asymmetric cuts from luxury renowned label Dolce and Gabbana boasts

a stunning blend of modern style and magic of fairy godmother. For makeup Alia chose to go with Faux freckles and minimal makeup.

Edited By: Khushi Thakur

Published By: Mohammed Anees


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