Allahabad High Court Holds Man Who Called District Judges Murderers of Constitution, Guilty of Contempt



A contempt notice has been issued to the man by the Allahabad High Court who wrote a letter alleging that in the District Court, all the Judges, Officers and Employees are dishonest and that they have murdered the Constitution of India. A notice to Contemptnor [Vikram Sharma (Clerk)] has been issued by the Bench of justice Suneet Kumar and Justice Umesh Chandra Sharma while refusing to accept his unconditional apology.

In December 2016 Sharma had written and dispatched a letter as a representative of 125 Crore Indians addressed to the Hon’ble Prime Minister, the Chief Justice of India, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and the Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court and most important point to be noted here is that he is alleging that in the District Court all the Judges, Officers and Employees are dishonest, they have murdered the Constitution of India.

Since a belated apology hardly shows the “contribution which is the essence of the purging of contempt”, the Court stressed that an apology for criminal contempt of court must be offered at the earliest and the Court further held that

“Of course, an apology must be offered, and that too clearly and at the earliest opportunity. However, even if the apology is not belated but the court finds it to be without real contribution and remorse, and finds that it was merely tendered as a weapon of defense, the Court may refuse to accept it and if the apology is offered at the time when the contemnor finds that the court is going to impose punishment, it ceases to be an apology and becomes an act of a cringing coward.”

Published By :- Tarsem Singh

Edited By :- Khushi Thakur


Rohan Priyam
Rohan Priyam
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