An Escape To Crystal Blue Water and White Sand: The Best 5 Beaches


 The world is on a halt but shortly going across will be back, whether you are in a mood of the Caribbean’s calm water and warm sweep of sand or squashing surf, be it a family-friendly holiday in the heart of the Indian ocean or the solitude you strive in shallow waters, the world has sufficient to show to the appetites of every traveller.

Sights that continue to dwell in your remembrances, in the times when going out is yet a luxury.

Here are the 5 promising sea destinations in the world to bestow you freedom of air, tons of sunshine and barrels of fresh-water.

White Beach, Boracay, Philippines

An Escape To White Sand and Crystal Blue Water: The Best 5 Beaches
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With gleaming white sand and water so clear that you can watch your toes in the water. Extending a thriving jungle backdrop. Earlier this used to swing under the radar of the considerably secluded beaches but oops! Not a secret anymore.

This 7 km isle is a wallpaper brought to existence, sprawling to ten square miles in the heart of the tropical-exotic Philippine archipelago.

The local time on Boracay is UTC/GMT +8 hours. Daily sunrise in Boracay is around 06:00 am 12 hours later, the sun sets behind the horizon.

Gouverneur, St.Barts

An Escape To White Sand and Crystal Blue Water: The Best 5 Beaches
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Fraction of the French West Indies, an island broadening to only eight miles and one of the tiniest isles in the entire Caribbean.

No casinos, no fancy resorts and only 8000 residents are what characterizes the island of St. Barts. Now you would be speculating why would anyone go to this location so let us unearth what all it begets.

Spectacular vistas, a surplus of sunlight, a plethora of magnificent beaches and of course a remarkable lineup of lunchrooms. Crystal blue water with a temperature of 75 degrees putting together it perfectly for jumping in the water around the year.

North Island, Seychelles

An Escape To White Sand and Crystal Blue Water: The Best 5 Beaches
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Also inferred as “Sunset Beach” but why? Because as the sun sets sea whirls pink. You can effortlessly speck gigantic tortoise grazing in the grass.

A quick historical fact- As per the ancient records, North Island, Seychelles was the foremost island of the country where sea explorers first set their ground. Nowadays belonging to private tourism resorts.

Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

An Escape To White Sand and Crystal Blue Water: The Best 5 Beaches
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The considerable out of small island between Proidenciales and North Caicos. Total landmass scores for 1,000 acres (4sq km), positioned to the north coast with perfect white sand.

Parrot Cay proposes equanimity and seclusion, to do thing is to practically do nothing. Enclosed cays, marine marshlands and lush web of red mangroves amplifies to the glamour of Parrot Cay

Maundays Bay, Anguilla

An Escape To White Sand and Crystal Blue Water: The Best 5 Beaches
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Maunday’s Bay, an outstanding sandy crescent Anguilla beach and is the home to Cap Juluca Resort. The vibrant yet soothing vibe of this bay fascinates tourists for sightseeing and leisure.

In the dark, you can handily sight the twinkling lights of St.Martin on the horizon with a perfect shot moment. The all-around setting at Maundays Bay Anguilla is loosened up as it is renowned for its combination of water-based activities that are functional.

Ayushi Rana
Ayushi Rana
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