Apple Watch Series-7 Launch Date Getting Delayed


Apple Watch Series 7 getting delayed in its launch due to the complex design.

Possible Reasons for the Delay

First released in 2015, the Apple smartwatch tends to be known as one of the popular products and the largest manufacturer of smartwatches globally. It shipped around 36 million watches in the year 2020.

However, this year it is yet to launch its latest model of smartwatch due to the rise in complications in its engineering and production.

Even though Apple, the renowned tech company of California, is refraining from making any comment regarding the possible delay, The Nikkei Asia and Bloomberg reports enlighten us with the challenges Apple faces while manufacturing its upcoming model of watch.

According to the information, the Company initiated a limited amount of production. The manufacturers faced several shortcomings with its finished assembly and failed to meet the satisfaction.

Presently its production is on halt as Apple is trying to work on those issues and improve its performance.

Nikkei Asia claims the complexity of the design to be the possible factor in the delay.

What are the Possible Features Present in the Design?

According to the rumours, the complicated design of the Apple Watch Series 7 has flat sides, water resistance, a bigger battery, an enhanced processor, and a larger display than the current version of the Apple watch.

Bloomberg claims the screen size to be 41mm & 45mm, which is 1mm more than Series 6. Although there are no major health features in this year’s model, features like tracking BP and body hydration are included in this version.

Apple is likely to have health sensors like blood glucose and body temperature monitoring in their 2022 model.

The Typical Launch Dates of Apple Products

Apple usually is found to launch its products around Sep-Oct. This year, Apple is scheduled to release its latest Apple Watch Series 7 and iPhone 13 in September and introduce us to the new models of Air Pods, iPads, and MacBooks.

However, due to the rise in the number of complications in its feature, its latest innovative watch model couldn’t get released this September. Engineers are now working day and night to lessen the delay.

Apple did not announce the launch date of the Apple Smart-watch series seven this year to date.

Breaking the Trend

As per the trend of the California-based tech giant, every year around September, a smartwatch is launched by Apple.

However, this year, it seems we might have to wait longer to see the release of much much-awaited 7th series Apple’s smartwatch.

The good news is that the results of this wait will undoubtedly be sweet since Apple can never compromise on the quality.

Similar Delays in Launch Date in the Past

It is not that Apple is encountering these issues for the first time. If we look back in recent past years, we will find similar cases.

  • 2020: Back in the year 2020, we found Apple to announce the delay in launching its iPhone model of that year: Series 12. Two models of iPhone 12 got postponed released. The significant cause being Coronavirus and 5G connectivity.
  • 2017: In 2017, even before Coronavirus hit the world, Apple faced delays in launching iPhone X due to its faulty face recognition feature.
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