ARMYs Surprised after discovering a clip of BTS Jin predicting “Hobipalooza” years ago!


After Suga, BTS Jin can also predict the future! Know about the details in the article.

ARMYs Surprised after discovering a clip of BTS Jin predicting “Hobipalooza” years ago!
Jin and Jhope together!

On July 31, 2022, BTS J-Hope became the first ever South Korean Artist to headline Lollapalooza (a major U.S. festival) in Chicago. When the news got revealed that he will be headlining the music festival’s 4th day, fans were discussing how no one saw this move coming up. This may be true.

In an Interview, Jin had predicted this event a few years ago! Back in 2017, during an interview with KIIS FM, the presenter asked BTS members how they would reward their fans if they reached 15 million followers on Twitter. Jin answered that If this happened J-Hope will go to the U.S. and do a solo concert!

Today, BTS has many group accounts on Twitter, two of them which is their official handle in English and Korean has over 40 million followers and are near to reaching 50 Million Followers.

ARMYs were shocked to see how once again, things united to make BTS’s dreams come true. Some went back to old ‘conspiracy theories in the BTS Fandom to know and explain how this happened.

Watch the clip here:

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On August 2, Benny Blanco used a variety of social media platforms to tease the impending collaboration between Snoop Dogg and BTS’ vocal unit, “Bad Decisions,” in the manner of an old-fashioned movie trailer, with a baritone voice identifying the musicians on the song. On August 5 at 1 PM KST, both the music video and the single will be made available (9:30 AM IST).

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