Assam Resumes Physical Classes in a Phased Manner


Assam government decides to resume offline classes for the final-year students. 

Assam Government’s New Circular in Gist

Assam govt. Suspended physical classes in every educational institution back in April when the second wave of Coronavirus was at its peak. On Monday, i.e., 6th of September, after four months of online classes, the school, colleges, and universities reopened in Assam in a phased manner.

Considering the importance of the students’ in attending the physically and improvement in the curve of Assam, the government of Assam takes this decision.

He has also said that the students who are not willing to attend the classes physically are free to opt for the online mode of education.

The physical attendance of the students in school is optional and not mandatory. The government also issued an SOP (standard operating procedure) and stated that the school should focus on the following things while resuming the physical classes:

  • Willingness students to attend physical classes
  • The covid-19 positivity rate of that district where the school is located.


The following are to be maintained:

  • The deputy commissioner of a concern where the Covid positivity will rise above 2 per cent holds the right to close the educational institution till it goes below 2 per cent.
  • After reopening the school, the first three days will only be allotted for vaccination. Vaccines will be available for students above the age of 18 years, teaching staff and non-teaching staff.
  • Students’ strengths will be limited. Only 30 students are in each section, and teachers are required to form new teams if in any section number of students are beyond the given limit.
  • Hostels are to be allotted only to those students who are attending physical classes.

Present COVID-19 Situation at Assam

Assam on Sunday holds the records of 321 new Covid-19 cases and six deaths, consistent with a bulletin issued by the Assam government.

Teacher’s Opinion on This

One teacher from Jalukbari Higher Secondary School, Guwahati, said: “We are delighted that offline classes have been started after a long break.

We must maintain social distancing, and so several students have been allowed to attend classes. For class 12, only 30 students have come today. We have made separate sections for the students.”

Student’s Opinion on This

On the other hand, a student said that he is pretty happy after attending offline classes. According to him: “Today, I have received my free books provided by the Assam government.”

The student belongs to an economically backward family whose situation worsened after this pandemic hit the country. He was so unfortunate that he could not even afford to buy books. “I think offline classes are good for us to learn better,” he said.

Online Classes For the Little One’s

According to the state administration, classes 1 to 11, the first seven semesters of graduation, and the first year of, according to the state administration.

When the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic was detected in April of this year, Assam closed its schools and colleges.

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Sreyasi Datta
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