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Kavita Chowdry is currently pursuing her master's in journalism and Mass Communication. She has also been co-authored in more than 30 anthologies. She is a person who believes in spreading smiles everywhere she goes with her tales. She believes in seeking happiness in the darkest times and walking alone in the dark streets even if it seems impossible. She wants the world to read her thoughts and wants to heal her audience with her words

<strong>Rishabh Shetty’s Kantara Hindi</strong><strong> </strong><strong>marks a good start at the box office.</strong><strong> </strong> - Asiana Times

Kavita Chowdry, 18 October 2022 Rishabh Shetty’s Kannada folklore drama Kantara kickstarts a good opening at the box office, impressing the audience with its regional ethnicity.  Image Courtesy: Google Images  The  Hindi dubbed Kannada folklore drama Kantara gets a good start at the box office. The film seems to have collected more than 10 crores and it soon will be included in the list of critically acclaimed films. The film was originally released in the regional language Kannada itself, but the makers identified the potential to do well and released the Hindi dubbed in the theatres as well. The ethnocentric…

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Why Marvel's Content Explosion Dilutes Quality

Kavita Chowdry, 12 October 2022 Picture Courtesy: Google Images Marvel has initiated their wheels towards Phase 5 and now fans seem curious about the upcoming projects. Walt Disney Co. on Tuesday announced that all the upcoming Marvel Entertainment film projects will be postponed due to some schedule clashes. The included films are “Blade”, “Avengers: Secret Wars” and “Fantastic Four”. Since the director ( Bassam Tariq) of the film project “Blade” had to put a halt on the film as his other film schedules were clashing he decided to leave the project, after that the producers decided to look for a…

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Actor Fawad Khan is unsure if B-town contemporaries would work with him again or not. 1 - Asiana Times

Kavita Chowdry, 11October 2022 Image courtesy: Google Images Pakistani actor Fawad Khan is dwelling about working with his Bollywood friends again. He thinks that the audience will point out criticism that will result in some chaos in both the Bollywood and Pakistani industry. Actor Fawad Khan’s Thoughts on B-town Actors Fawad Khan thinks that he’ll be held responsible for all the criticism if he pairs up with any Bollywood actor for any film or project. The Pakistani actor Fawad Khan seems to be in the news for quite some time now. He marked his presence on the Bollywood screen in the…

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