BCCI will implement the “impact player” rule in all domestic tournaments by 2023.


Teams need to identify playing XI and 4 substitutes at the time of the toss. Out of the 4 substitutes named in the team sheet, only one of the players can be used as an Impact player,

The BCCI seems set to introduce the impact player rule after getting inspired by the BBL’s X-factor rule. This rule will go into action in the upcoming Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy (SMAT) beginning on October 11th and other domestic T20 tournaments, including next year’s IPL.

What is an Impact Player?

According to the “impact player” rule, a substitute will be allowed to replace a player once if the management thinks he can have an impact on the game. In simpler words, a team can substitute an on-field player once.

 Impact player bcci
IPL 2023 is set to have the new Impact player rule.

Teams will have to identify a playing XI and four substitutes at the toss. Only one out of the four named will be allowed to substitute as an Impact player.

A player getting replaced by an impact player will be believed to be completely out of the particular match and can’t return to the field, even as a substitute fielder.

“If a player gets injured while fielding in mid-over, the current playing condition prevails under 24.1 – substitute fielders,” the circular further states.

An impact player will be allowed to replace the player anytime before the end of the 14th over in either of the innings.


Matthew Shor Becomes first x factor
Matthew Shor becomes the first x-factor substitute in BBl (Source: Cricket Australia)

Earlier, BBL had introduced the “X factor” x-factor rule, a player rule which was also similar to the impact player. The x-factor player was listed as the 12th or 13th player on the team list. He was allowed to be introduced at the 10th over mark.

Back in the day, the Super Sub-rule was brought in by the ICC in 2005. However, the rule didn’t go that well and was rolled back within a year. Vikram Solanki of England was the first player to be used as a super sub.


The news of an impact player has gotten mixed opinions so far. While few are supporting it, the purists are not much in favour of this “innovative rule”.

Renowned cricket broadcaster Harsha Bhogle seems to be sceptical about this rule and believes there is no point in it. The beauty of the T20 was in its simplicity.


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