Benefits of Empress of Healing Plants-ALOE VERA


Aloe vera is the most used herbal and home remedy for skin problems and unhealthy skin conditions due to the gel-like substance present are known to heal the skin from a variety of ailments.

Aloe vera is often used to cure Sunburn, minor cuts, and small abrasions. Wondering if it is safe for use on the face? Absolutely yes, if used correctly. Aloe vera has a lot of benefits.

Soft Skin and Skincare:

Dry skin? You can blame the Pollution, harmful chemicals, unhealthy air and other content presents. It is the most widely used remedy against all skin related issues.

The gel component can heal all significant and minor afflictions. It makes the skin look clear and fresh, and smooth. It has scientifically been proven and termed as beneficial right from the ancient world.

Benefits of Aloe Vera:

Benefits of Empress of Healing Plants-ALOE VERA
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Burnt? Aloe vera to your rescue:

Minor burns can be treated by using Aloe vera over them at least three times a day. This will soothe the burnt area and help in faster healing. You may also need to protect the area with a gauze or bandage.

Try Aloe vera for smooth skin? If you’ve dry skin:

Skin absorbs gel very quickly, making it a perfect fit for oily skin. Therefore, it can help treat dry skin. Consider replacing your ordinary moisturizer with aloe vera to help your skin some moisture. Aloe vera keeps the skin hydrated.

A cure to minor cuts:

If you’re too habitual of grabbing a Neosporin for a minor cut, replace it with aloe vera. The molecular structure of aloe vera heals the wound quickly and prevents it from developing into a heavy scar by boosting collagen and giving a tough fight to the bacteria. Apply three times a day for better results.


Severe conditions like frostbites might need emergency medical treatment, but Aloe Vera has also been used as a quick frostbite treatment. But make sure to consult your doctor before applying.

Aloe vera to Sunburns:

Aloe Vera gel smoothens the skin and helps the wound breathe a little. Yet, as suggested by research, Aloe vera may or may not prevent or cure sunburns, so do not compromise on sun
protection, assuming Aloe vera as a remedy to Sunburn.

Abrasion cure:

Have you bumped your chin or head into something? Or got a tiny scar? Apply aloe vera gel for quick relief from burning sensations and pain.

Inflammatory Acne Treatment:

The gel of this healing plant will help treat inflammatory acne due to Its anti-inflammatory effects. It can treat inflammatory acne forms like pustules and nodules. Use a cotton swab to apply the gel gently over pimples three times a day.


Aloe vera can help alleviate dry and itchy skin associated with Eczema and Seborrheic dermatitis, with its moisturizing effects.

The oily form of Eczema is usually found on the scalp; it can affect the face and parts behind the ears.

Benefits of Empress of Healing Plants-ALOE VERA
Image Source: HealthifyMe

Aloe vera is a source of Natural treatment available to the world for various skin ailments.
However, it is safe for applying on the skin.

Yet, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health claims to have insufficient shreds of evidence to support the benefits of aloe vera.

Note that the gel is not the same as applying the plant on the face. If no improvements are observed on the skin after applying aloe vera, please consult a dermatologist to help you with your overall skin health.

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