Combat the dry season and make your skin fall in love with these dietary supplements and skincare products


When we combine any proverb on health and time we find that both are equated with money to fight dry season; conclusively we get health and time as valuable as money. Furthermore, we need to accept the fact that investment of time and money in health produces mind-satisfying results.

food for fighting dry season
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Attempts to stay healthy and physically strong mainly focus on personal benefits. The satisfaction of knowing what and why something happens to our health and how we can alter something that does not align with our expectations is one of the steps towards good mental health.

The positivity achieved by the application of a healthy routine can provide a substantial basis for a positive outlook towards other areas of life as well.

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To supplement the attempts at a healthy outlook, food and skincare products play a vital role alongside a healthy mindset.


Eat what you love and love what you eat

As seasons change, we find ourselves relishing in the delicacies of that particular period. Food items range from fruits and vegetables of the season to articles constituted at home to battle the season.

The established fact one lives by is that “what goes around, comes around.” No matter the situation, when we put healthy and positive food into our bodies and thoughts, we receive positive results.

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Such positive results can be achieved with the right food that elevates the mind and body alike. This can occur when we eat what we love and love what we eat.

Anything necessary does not have to be boring and limited. The world is an oasis of food and we should never stop exploring.

Adding dietary items like sweet potatoes, cod liver oil, almond and soy milk, baked beans, etc. with an innovative twist to the daily diet not only increases good nutrients in the body and strengthens it, but also produces beautiful effects on the dry and damaged skin in this dry season.


Season and the dilemma of balance

With fall in motion and winter around the corner, people start preparing their bodies with the mindset of enjoying the weather and not falling victim to it.

At the turn of the tide, we easily find ourselves looking forward to eating our delicious hot drinks and food items that increase internal body heat naturally which we crave during the dry season.

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But at times, the repercussions are dealt by our skin. So the dilemma of maintaining a healthy body inside out takes center stage.

Our mothers’ and grandmothers’ old recipes begin to fall from the top shelf and land on our dressing tables. From homemade face packs and healthy food items to dermatologists’ and nutritionists’ advice, everything starts to appear in our lives.

While we look at solutions, our minds require a balance between the issues faced and the triggers.

The ultimate solution to the dry season

When we encounter a situation where we intend to find an instant fix, there is nothing better than eating food that helps the body and heals it from the inside, while showing on the outside at the same time.

Skincare fanatics might indulge in excessive usage of multiple skincare products, further damaging it. But a balance is what is going to save the skin from this dry season.

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Dieticians and nutritionists suggest supplements that enhance good skin. Some of them are:

  • Sweet potatoes, the very famous and absolute favourite vegetable of the winter season, hold Vitamin A in a sufficient amount to combat dry skin.
  • Citrus fruits full of Vitamin C like Kiwi also help the body with joint pains and iron deficiency while fighting dry skin as they are antioxidants.
  • Cod liver oil: as it contains Vitamin D, it can lead to suppressing the deficiency, leading to dryness by increasing inhibition of keratin production, which leads to conditions like psoriasis.
  • Many undealt issues, such as hydration and moisturization, can be suppressed by a pinch of zinc.
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Dermatologists and skincare enthusiasts prefer and emphasise the use of non-comedogenic ceramide and hyaluronic acid based moisturisers to treat dry skin.

Ceramide is one ingredient that helps heal the damaged and ruptured skin barrier, irrespective of skin type.


Skincare products to the rescue!

During the time of mass market globalisation, international products make it to the Indian market, strengthening the import business. But the Indian manufacturers are not far behind.

The famous K-skincare (Korean skincare) has finally emerged as the winner against western skincare in comparison to price, packaging, and availability. The reason behind such a drastic reversal of the approach of buyers is the ingredient list of K-beauty brands.

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Following the trend, Indian commercial beauty brands have also launched their wellness products with similar and almost identical ingredients, giving those who are looking to save their skin on a budget the opportunity to do so.

Some of the best ceramide and hyaluronic acid-based moisturisers from Indian brands include:

  • Reequil’s Ceramide & Hyaluronic Moisturiser
  • Formularx’s Hydra Veil Moisturiser
  • Put Simply’s Water Damn Moisturiser
  • Simple’s Hydrating Light Moisturiser
  • Deconstruct’s Soothe Moisturiser

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The best friend to all efforts

Sunscreen is an essential component of any skincare routine. Usually, sunscreens are expected to protect against damaging UV rays, saving the skin from getting tanned.

But the forthcoming research and experience report other benefits such as anti-aging and reduced hyperpigmentation as well. Any skincare routine, no matter how minimal, is incomplete without sunscreen.

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Some of the good sunscreens in the Indian market include:

  • DermaCo’s 1% Hyaluronic Aqua Gel
  • Aqualogica’s Glow + Dewy Sunscreen (Vitamin C+Papaya)
  • Put Simply’s Beat the Sun Sunscreen
  • Sunscoop’s Matte Sunscreen SPF 60
  • Dr. Sheth’s Ceramide Sunscreen

Working hard with patience, as the moderator cannot lead anyone astray. The dryness will come and go, but only if one is consistent and patient towards their goal.




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