Biden Announces USD 1.5 Billion Aid for Jordan King Abdullah II 


Following their meeting on 16 July in Saudi Arabia, President Joe Biden and Jordan’s King Abullah II announced that the United States would provide Jordan with fresh aid totaling at least USD 1.45 billion annually.

Jeddah: The declaration came following a meeting between the two leaders outside of a major regional summit. During this meetup, Joe Biden also revealed that the United States is not going to abandon efforts to maintain the security of Middle East countries.

Moreover, the US President stressed that he would not leave a void in the Mideast for other countries to expand their influence in the region. According to him Iran, Russia, and China are trying to seize the state of affairs developing against the backdrop of the odd events that took place in the region in last couple of years. 

King Abdullah II praised the president for the U.S.’s friendship and assistance. He emphasized the importance of this support for the Kingdom’s economic development initiatives, sustainable economic growth, and mitigating regional challenges. King Abdullah II praised U.S. assistance for UNRWA (UNRWA) as well. 

Further, President Biden reaffirmed U.S. support for Jordan as a critical partner and agent for peaceful coexistence, under the leadership of King Abdullah II. In response, his Majesty emphasized the U.S.’s role in the promotion of safety, continuity, harmony, and development in the country and the region. 

Biden thanked Jordan particularly for sheltering Syrian refugees and assured them about his 
plans to maintain the communication and deepen their bond. Finally, both leaders requested worldwide solidarity for refugees and host nations. 

Major Developments in the Meeting

Biden Announces US$ 1.5 Billion Aid for Jodan King Abdullah II
Image Source- Modern Diplomacy

The two leaders addressed advancing the historic U.S.-Jordan cooperation and resolving multilateral concerns. Jordan can act as a hub for regional integration in infrastructure, energy, water, food security, and climate. As an example of beneficial regional coordination, the President cited the trilateral collaboration arrangement with Egypt and Iraq. 

They underlined the role of creating political and economic solidarity to prepare the stage for Palestinian-Israeli discussions. Palestinians should be included in regional cooperation programs, they said.

The two leaders reiterated their willingness to strive for a just, enduring, and inclusive two-state solution. All for maintaining the historically established order in Jerusalem’s sacred sites. They also emphasized the Hashemite Custodianship’s responsibility. 

The allied leaders also pledged their support to Ukraine’s unification, autonomy, territorial sovereignty, and integrity. It will follow according to UN General Assembly resolutions adopted unanimously. Further, they demanded the Russian Federation must pull back all of its armed units from Ukraine’s globally recognized borders. They criticized gross violations of international humanitarian laws and human rights in contested areas as well. 

The two parties underscored the necessity for a diplomatic resolution to the Syrian situation since 2015. The two presidents stressed the need to maintain Iraq’s progress toward peace and stability.

Importance of Jordan in Middle East 

Biden Announces US$ 1.5 Billion Aid for Jordan King Abdullah
Image Source- Encyclopedia Britannica

The importance of Jordan lies in the fact that it has shared boundaries with Israel and the West Bank and is a host country for many Palestinian and Syrian refugees.

Although the country views its security as a priority concern, its economy has also suffered severely due to high prices. The commodities are getting dearer/ following the intermittent wars taking place frequently in the adjoining countries. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects have also plunged the economic situation to the downside.

Mass demonstrations against the government have taken place, and the Heir to the throne Hamza, the brother of the monarch, is currently under home confinement after publicly criticizing the administration. 

Earlier in 2017, the United States had agreed to provide Jordan with bilateral foreign aid totaling at least USD 1.27 billion annually which started in 2018 and lasted until 2022. This new annual package that Jordan is going to receive is a modification to the previous package only. 




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