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Politics in Bihar simmers in commotion in the Saran district of Bihar, as the death toll figure climbs to over 89 people after consuming a recipe for disaster, Hooch which is another term for country-made liquor.

The state where there is the prohibition of consumption of alcohol has caught the nation’s attention, after the present statement made by the Chief Minister of the State, Nitish Kumar-: ”Peyeeyo Ge to Marro Ge’, “If you consume alcohol you will die” and no compensation will be given to those who have died due to the consumption of hooch, plus alcohol is not a boon for the society.

We’ll see how hooch has caused disorder in society. In Bihar, hooch is known by many other terms such as Narangi, Mahua, Moonshine, and Safed, its estimated there are over 300 varieties of country-made liquor, which sell for a very low price.

Hooch by Hoochinoo

Hooch is made in a crude setting that dates back to the manufacturing of strong liquor by the Alaskan tribe known as “Hoochinoo”, the locally produced alcohol was supposed to give high which was at par with the branded liquor made in controlled facilities. One does not require a sophisticated laboratory for the preparation of Hooch, all a person requires is Fruits, yeast, Methanol, citrus peel, and “bootleggers” organic waste such as dead rodents, lizards, and battery acid for the extra kick.

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How Hooch is brewed

Step 1: Mix Fruit, Yeast and warm Water.
Step 2: Wait for the mixture to Ferment.
Step 3: Use a bowl to collect the concentrated alcohol inside the barrel.
Step 4: Use cold water at the top of the barrel and seal it with a cloth.
Step 5: Use the condensation method to collect the vapour from the barrel, this collected vapour will pure alcohol.
This fermented brew mixture that has been distilled contains methanol, a toxic version of alcohol.
Giant Pressure Cookers can be used as an alternative method to make country-made alcohol.

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The reason “why”, this mechanism turns fatal is because hooch makers aren’t sure about the quantities of the mixture and often get it wrong, thus they often add toxic chemicals to the brew, which results in a slow motor response, shortness of breath, blindness and lastly death.

If a person consumers Hooch, then the treatment for methanol poisoning involves– taking the person to the civic hospital to administer Fomepizole and ethanol with injections, in case there is no access to Fomepizole then doctors can administer a mixture of ethanol and water in a ratio of 1:1 and through dialysis, the methanol can be flushed out of the body.


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