Booker Prize Shortlist 2022- here are the six selected books


Six fiction works by authors from five nations and four continents make up the Booker Prize 2022 shortlist.

The Booker Prize 2022 shortlist takes readers on a global reading journey.

Novels written in English and published in the United Kingdom or Ireland are eligible for this prestigious annual literary award.

Real-world incidents like the civil war in Sri Lanka, politics in Zimbabwe, and racism in the United States are included in this year’s selection.

In addition to the £2,500 awarded to each of the six authors who were shortlisted, the winner will receive £50,000.

According to Neil MacGregor, chair of the Booker Prize judges, authors who write about events that “concern us all” are equally composed of men and women.

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Following are the shortlisted books-

Booker Prize
Credit: The Booker Prize


By NoViolet Bulawayo- 

NoViolet Bulawayo, who was born and raised in Zimbabwe, wrote the animal-narrated novel Glory, which is about colonization and revolt. The fictitious land depicted in the book is ruled by a charismatic horse for forty years. Booker compares the book to George Orwell’s “Animal Farm, Zimbabwe and the fate of many African nations,” describing it as a political fable.

Booker Prize
Credit: The Booker Prize

The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida 

By Shehan Karunatilaka- 

Shehan Karunatilaka, a Sri Lankan author, wrote The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida, which takes place in 1990 and is set in the country’s capital, Colombo. Maali Almeida, a war photographer, has awoken dead and has seven moons to inform his family of a cache of photos that will shake the nation and expose corruption and violence. Booker describes the novel as a surreal depiction of Sri Lanka’s more than two-decades-long civil war.

Credit: The Booker Prize

Treacle Walker 

By Alan Garner- 

Alan Garner, an 88-year-old English author, wrote Treacle Walker, making him the oldest Booker Prize nominee ever. Joe Coppock, a sickly young boy, and Treacle Walker, a junk dealer and healer, are the book’s main characters. Joe is aided in making sense of the world by the dreamlike narrative that begins when they meet. According to Booker, the novel investigates myth, folklore, and the “fluidity of time.”

Credit: The Booker Prize

Small Things Like These 

By Claire Keegan- 

According to Booker, the 1985 novel Small Things Like These by Irish author Claire Keegan is “dense with moral themes” and takes place in an Irish town. According to the Irish Independent newspaper, the plot focuses on how women are treated in a church-run mother and baby home. Bill Furlong, a local coal and timber merchant who delivers to the convent, is the focus of the story, as is his struggle to get the community to pay attention.

Booker Prize
Credit: The Booker Prize

The Trees 

By Percival Everett- 

American author Percival Everett’s The Trees takes place in Mississippi, where brutal murders are being investigated by police. The real racist murder of Emmett Till, a 14-year-old Black youth, in 1955 is linked to the plot. According to Booker, the novel is a “powerful condemnation of racism and police violence.”

Credit: TheBookerPrize

Oh William!, 

-By Elizabeth Strout- 

William, Oh! by American author Elizabeth Strout, the story centres on Lucy Barton, a well-known writer who lives in New York. The couple unwraps the story of their lives together, including love, loss, and family secrets, when she reconnects with her first husband, William. Booker says that this is a book about a normal person who has “probing psychological insight”. On October 17, 2022, the 53rd Booker Prize winner will be announced.

The shortest and oldest book ever nominated, three-second novels, authors from five nations and four continents, three independent publishers, and several books based on actual events make up the shortlist.

On October 17, the winner will be announced at the Roundhouse in London.

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