Brahmastra makers Slash in the Price of tickets for Navratri: Fall to Rs. 100 from Monday.


It is not just about finding the light, but also, the right ticket price. And team Brahmastra is shaking things up. While their box office collections are on a steady rise, the makers on Sunday announced that they have slashed ticket rates for the week, following the phenomenal 85 percent occupancy the fantasy epic witnessed on its third Friday, benefiting from National Cinema Day.

Brahmastra makers Slash in the Price of tickets for Navratri: Fall to Rs. 100 from Monday
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Brahmastra Ticket Scheme

Excited about this scheme! National Cinema Day may have taught us something about finding the right ticket price point to allow more audiences to enjoy the movie experience on the big screen. Something which we are incredibly passionate about. With an attitude of always learning and trying new things.

We hope this scheme brings some interesting positive learning to us all… and we hope our audiences continue to enjoy this week, as we kick off Navratri celebrations from tomorrow” Ayan Mukerji wrote.

Brahmastra opened with Rs 36 crore at the domestic box office and ended its first weekend with Rs 120.75 crore. The film was made on a reported budget of Rs 410 crore and has made over Rs 360 crore globally, as per Dharma Productions.


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