Animals Also Have An Award For Bravery


The Dickin Medal is also known as the Victoria Cross for Animals. The Medal is awarded by the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals, the highest honour for animal bravery.

Let us know why it happens that animals also have an award for bravery. And when did it start and who did it for the first time and for whom?

Maria Elizabeth Dickin Medal was instituted in 1943 for animals as part of World War II, founder of the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals. The copper-plated Medal reads “For gallantry” and “We have served.” The Medal is available in green, brown and light blue ribbons.
From 1943 to 1949, the award was given to 54 birds and animals. That includes 32 pigeons, 18 dogs, three horses, and a cat. The award was reinstated in 2000 after 1949. From 1943 to 2021, a total of 71 animals received the Dickin Medal. The first prize in 1943 was won by three pigeons from the Royal Air Force. The honour was for helping to locate those on board the crashed plane.

The last time the Dickin Medal was won was on April 23, 2021, by Luke, a Belgian Malina dog from the French Special Forces. Luke was honoured for his courageous role in saving the lives of his handler and other colleagues on the counter-terrorism mission. 

Have You Ever Heard of Belgian Malinois Dogs? 

Maloneys and Border Collie are the number one training dogs in the world. Among the dogs, they are courageous and agile. The Belgian nationals were recently included in the Kerala Police Dog Squad. So, there were benefits. Maya, the police dog, was successful when natural disasters rocked the state incessantly, resulting in landslides in Rajamalai where even machines failed to locate people buried in the ground. Maya is a Belgian Malinois dog. 
Along with Maya, a Kerala Police member of the K9 squad, Donna, a Labrador, also came to Rajamalai on duty. Lily of the Belgian Malinois family, which can be described as a tiger cub, has found more than a dozen bodies. Lily is the first dog in India to belong to this category and be used for such an endeavour. 
Lily of the Belgian Malinois breed is brilliant and has proven ability in her work. Lilly’s excellence is in concentration, speed and agility, which are developed with the help of precision training. Lily is being handled by P Prabhat, a civil police officer in the K9 squad. The Belgian Malinois is a breed that was initially overlooked. However, now, the Belgian Malinois is gaining world attention. It is also a home breed. The Belgian Malinois are one of the most cooperative breeds in training. 
Malinois are characterized by the ability to remember things, the sense of smell, the ability to comprehend more things, and the inquisitive nature. These are the breeds of dogs that are more interested in playing. So training is easy too. They also can perceive things by understanding the wavelength of sound. 

When Choosing Dogs 

 There are many things to keep in mind when choosing a dog. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The Labrador is a good breed for playing with children and other needs, and the Labrador is also a good breed for domestic use. Nevertheless, the Labrador itself is a good breed. However, the lab could not be considered a good watchdog because of the scarcity. 

Rottweilers Are Not Homicides 

A dog kills people; beware, this is probably the first piece of advice that anyone who wants to breed a Rottweiler breed will hear. Some say that bread is banned in the United States because it is a dangerous breed, and this is a slightly exaggerated opinion. The truth is that bread is a little less discriminating. It is a bit behind to learn while training. Then the villains will be in the Rottweiler as well as in any other species. Dogs are more aggressive than solitary dogs. Calm down, Rottweiler, if you socialize well.

The Best Watchdogs 

Doberman is an excellent watchdog, and Dobermans are a great source of energy for those who have a lot of time and energy to spend with their dogs. Another German Shepherd is a German Shepherd that can be used to play with children and catch thieves. 

Women Can Grow It At Home

Pugs and beagles are pets that can be bred indoors like cats. These are not very problematic with a very calm disposition. 

For Those Who Want One More Step 

Malinois is the best breed for those who want a little more training and protection. However, exercise is essential when raising at home, and Malinois is by far the best attack dog. 

Attack Dogs 

Attack dogs are considered by many to be of great importance in this day and age of safety. In short, attack dogs are like goons. The owner must first bring these, and they can then attack anyone if you enter commands as needed d; not all dogs can be used for attack training. It requires the selection of specific breeds and special dogs within those breeds. Doberman, German Shepherd and Malinois are the best attack breeds. Out of these, the most courageous puppies are selected for attack training. 

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